Braun Audio makes a stellar return with the reimagining of its iconic LE speakers

After 28 years away from the audio category, Braun Audio marks its return with a timeless reinvention of its classic LE speakers from 1959. The LE range comprises of three speakers, the LE01, LE02 and LE03, and will be available to buy from October.

The LE series encapsulates the enduring, essentialist design values of a brand steeped in heritage and craftsmanship. The three premium Hi-Fi smart speakers are all available in black or white, tuned to perfection and built to stand the test of time.

The perfect combination of form and function, the LE range is eye-catching without being intrusive: offering the perfect balance of unparalleled performance in a minimalist form, showcasing the rigour of German craftsmanship.

All LE speakers are engineered to deliver exceptional detail and clarity at any volume setting. And the unparalleled dispersion of the Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive units provides a near 180-degree soundstage, meaning that the units are always easy to position without the worry of a specific sweet spot of traditional speakers.

The new Braun LE Speakers

The LE speakers have multiroom functionality, as well as ability to be wirelessly stereo paired. Individually, when positioned in landscape mode, LE01 and LE02 will perform as perfect integrated stereo speakers. When in portrait orientation, using floor stands or wall mounts, they can be configured into a stereo pair with each speaker assuming single audio channel duties (left or right).

Placement EQ settings in the mobile app will tailor the playback dependent on where the speaker is in the room to achieve the authentic Braun sound. The Braun Audio app will also allow for additional manual fine-tuning to deliver preferred levels of bass and treble.

The LE series offers more than a premium sound experience. The speakers also serve as a control hub for your smart home and come equipped with smart speaker functionality. With added help from the Google Assistant, you can also play music, find answers, manage everyday tasks and easily control smart devices around your home – just by using your voice.

While voice assistants offer many modern conveniences, there are times when privacy is required. Exemplifying Braun’s values of honest design, the LE range has been engineered to ensure voice control is always on your terms. Each speaker has a dedicated privacy button that physically disconnects the microphones, guaranteeing complete peace of mind. When privacy mode is enabled, the button and LEDs on the front of the speaker illuminate and are subtly visible from anywhere in the room.

With Chromecast built-in, the LE range supports over 300 streaming services, while regular software updates ensure system longevity.

Each speaker’s premium machined aluminium surround is beautiful to the touch, while being highly durable. Their simple, minimalist button configuration and LED sequences are intuitive and embody the perfect blend of aesthetics and utility. This considered design extends to accessories like wall mounts and floor stands, which elegantly resolve cable management and offer the flexibility of placement around the home.

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