Green Product Award Call 2020

Green products and concepts can be submitted to the international Green Product Award for the seventh time. This year, manufacturers, design studios & agencies are invited to submit their solutions for our new theme “Future Village”. The award submissions design the sustainable house of the future, where eco-friendly living and working is made tangible – in the categories architecture, bathroom, electronics, fashion, kids, consumer goods, kitchen, material, mobility, outdoor, office, living & freestyle.

In March, the winners and nominees (Selection) will be presented to the 110000 visitors on the IHM’s Green Campus. The Green Campus is a special area with 2500 square metres – exclusively for sustainable products. On 350 square metres award special area, there are again theme islands for the categories. NEW: international Microhomes and Tiny houses connect between individual products and living & working situations.

Before – October 25 – 27, a preview of 30 hand-picked green exhibits will be showcased to the 19,000 visitors of the Designers’ Open. The award stand is embedded in the festival’s main venue dedicated to new materials.

Schedule 2019/20

1.06. –1.09. Early Bird submissions

25. –27.10. Exhibition at the Designers Open, Leipzig

2.9. –15.11. Cool Bird submissions

16.11. –10.1. Regular Bird submissions

11. –15.03. Exhibition & award ceremony at the Green Campus at the IHM –Internationalen Handwerksmesse, Munich

11.3 –30.4. Online Vote for the Audience Award

Jury (examples)

•             Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt, Director of Lund University, Sweden

•             Katja Lukas, Program Manager Dutch Design Week, Netherlands

•             Prof. Martin Charter, Director of the Center for Sustainable Design, UK

•             Prof. Liu Xin, Vice Director Institute for Sustainable Design at Tsinghua University, founder of LeNS – International Learning Network on Sustainability, China

•             All members of the jury 

About the Green Product Award

The international Green Product Award offers a platform for established companies, start-ups and students who are distinguished by their products and services in terms of design, innovation and sustainability and who want to present themselves on the German market. Since 2013, participants from 40 countries have applied for the award. The awards are given in 13 categories separately for companies and start-ups. In addition, the Green Concept Award – in cooperation with the IKEA Foundation – is dedicated to the concepts that lead to a green future.

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