Intertextile Apparel to host Fashionsustain conference

Large domestic audiences attended sustainability seminars at the 2019 Spring Edition. © Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics

Fashion is witnessing an essential shift, as more global brands and groups commit to ambitious environmental targets. More consumers are indicating that they intend to leave fast fashion in the past, in favour of organic, ethical and recycled materials.

At the 25th anniversary of Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition, to be held from September 25 – 27, 2019, eco-friendly supply chain switches and services can be found at All About Sustainability. The zone will also host Fashionsustain’s first ever conference in Shanghai.

With 25 years of experience, Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics remains at the forefront of the global textiles industry and has highlighted the importance of sustainability with a dedicated zone since 2008. What’s more, as China’s environmental commitments gain fast progress – for example, the recent reinforcement of compulsory recycling across Shanghai – the location of the fair is ideal to find the latest updates in environmental innovation. All About Sustainability also hosts a dedicated forum space for fringe programme events.

Spotlight: Fashionsustain conference

Global thought leaders will gather for a Fashionsustain conference on the morning of 26 September, focusing on technology, sustainability, digitalisation and innovation as important drivers of the fashion and textile industries. The Fashionsustain conference accompanies Messe Frankfurt’s Neonyt fair in Berlin and is a new addition to the Intertextile Shanghai fringe programme.

From retail to diversity, the repercussions of social economic and ecological changes on retail, production and sales will be put under the spotlight, as well as topics such as feminism, equality, diversity, craftsmanship and the cultural dimension of sustainability in fashion. Currently confirmed participants include speakers from Hugo Boss, the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, Fashion For Good, Li & Fung, Sourcebook, Kaleidoscope Berlin and DyeCoo / Re-access.

Eco-friendly exhibitors

From manufacturing fabrics to producing prototypes and sampling, green switches can be made throughout the supply chain. Exhibitor Penfabric, from Malaysia, was the world’s first fully integrated textiles company to be awarded the Made in Green by Oeko-Tex label. At the fair, Penfabric will showcase its Go Green Collection, which recycles discarded PET bottles into polyester, in compliance with Japan’s Container and Packing Recycling Laws.

New exhibitor MITI, from Italy, has developed Bioback technology fabrics with two main components: Amni Soul Eco Nylon yarn with accelerated biodegradability, and Roica high performance elastane, which does not release any toxic substances during degradation. MITI fabrics are resistant to UV and abrasion and offer stretch.

More eco-friendly fabrics can be found from Shaoxing Natave Textiles, which utilises Lenzing’s EcoVero, Tencel and Modal to create finished fabrics with a soft feel and excellent drape, offering sustainable solutions for ladies’ wear, evening dresses and suits.

Certification services add reassurance and value

Recent awareness campaigns have been utilising social media across the globe, as consumers ask for transparency in the apparel supply chain and ultimately encourage brands to improve on their practices. Just one example includes Fashion Revolution, a UK-based environmental and ethical NGO. Its annual campaign involves consumers from over 100 countries who ask brands the simple question: “Who made my clothes?” As public demand for traceability grows, sustainability and workers’ rights are key to moving forward.

A solution for brands lies in testing and certification. These tools are vital to ensuring trust in a brand, while a recognisable award logo can also act as a strategic selling point for a product.

All About Sustainability will feature exhibitors offering testing and certification services, meaning that both trade buyers and exhibitors alike can easily visit the product zone to learn more about improving their own transparency. These include BTTG Intertek Group, Control Union Certification (Shanghai), Guangzhou Inspection Testing And Certification Group, Intertek Testing Services Ltd Shanghai, Qima Limited, and SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai).