Prosperity for Africa through Textile Technology

February 14 – 16, 2020 at Millennium Hall Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

India ITME Society, the apex non-profit industry body from India organized “India Business Networking Programme” at Botswana in collaboration with Botswana Textile & Clothing Association & Botswana Trade & Investment Centre, coinciding with Botswana Global Expo 2019.

Chief Guest H.E. Dr. Rajesh Ranjan, High Commissioner of India, Gaborone Botswana & Guest of Honour Mr. Krishna Chinniah, BTCA Chairperson along with representatives from BITC & other Associations, Companies & Media Personnel graced this business gathering. This was India ITME Society’s first ever collaboration with Botswana, which happened due to the proactiveness of Botswana Textile & Clothing Association & Botswana Trade & Investment Centre. The intention of this first interaction is to lay the foundation for a long-term relationship between India ITME Society and BTCA.

India ITME Society is a non-profit apex industry body established in 1980 to support and serve the Textile Engineering Industry through exhibitions, Events, Trade Promotion Services, Education Scholarships, Student Placements, and Consultancy etc. India ITME Society plays a pivotal role in strengthening the domestic as well as international Textile Industry by facilitating exchange of knowledge, technology transfer & encourages Foreign Direct Investments & Joint Ventures and Botswana Textile & Clothing Association (BTCA) formed in July 2014 as part of the five-year Textile & Clothing Strategy of Botswana. The Association is a symbol of Public Private Partnership, between Government of Botswana and the Private Sector Textile and Clothing Companies.

This partnership between India ITME Society & BTCA shall not only enable trade & industry of Botswana but also shall benefit students, Technical Institutions, Women entrepreneurs to connect globally and updated on latest Textile Technology & research, participate in Webinars, access to latest technology news etc. through the business portal of the society

Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Chairman, India ITME Society, extended invitation to Botswana business community to take part in the upcoming exhibitions organised by India ITME Society i.e

•             ITME AFRICA 2020 14th-16th February 2020, Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

•             INDIA ITME 2020 – 10th 15th December 2020, IEML, Greater Noida, India


With specific objective of connecting to Africa, India ITME Society is organizing this international business Exhibition. The exhibition focuses on business opportunities in the textile sector across entire Africa initializing technological revolution for textile industry, thereby creating new market opportunities for textile & textile engineering industry.

ITME Africa 2020 has 220 Exhibitors From 13 Countries Including India, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Ethiopia, China, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy & Ghana showcasing Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Wastewater Technology, Knitting, Dyestuff and Engineering pavilions.

This prestigious International Textile engineering exhibition is supported by Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Engineering Exports promotion council (EEPC, Govt of India), Federal Republic of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute, International Trade Centre (ITC), Botswana Textile & Clothing Association (BTCA) & Botswana Trade & Investment Centre (BITC), apart from many Indian and overseas Industry associations from Ethiopia.

The Concurrent activities planned during the exhibition are

•             B2B meetings

•             Technical Seminar

•             Investment Seminar

•             Business financial solution Seminar


The 11th edition India ITME series, which is the largest textile machinery & Technology event is to be held at IEML, Greater Noida from December 10 -15, 2020. Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Chairman proposed special interactive session at the event for Botswana Delegation, whereby the Indian Textile Industry members can interact with Botswana delegation in depth at INDIA ITME 2020. The Govt. Officials, Industry associates & members in Botswana, expressed interest & enthusiasm to visit India during INDIA ITME 2020.

Apart from Botswana there are several other countries with developing textile market who have confirmed their visit to INDIA ITME 2020, making it the most important & largest gathering of overseas buyers for textile technology & products so far in India.

These global events are the strategic efforts by India ITME Society to enable Textile and Textile Engineering Industry to Explore, Expand and Strengthen their respective market positions both in developed markets as well as developing markets across the world.

Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Chairman expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Krishna Chinniah, BTCA Chairperson & Ms. Banusi Mbaakanyi, BTCA Vice Chairperson & expressed his appreciation to Ms. Gemma Mbegabolawe, Executive Director, BITC Ms. Trunklinah Gabonthone, BITC for their support in making this event a huge success.

For a successful textile entrepreneur, his/her presence at these events are highly essential & unavoidable especially in today’s highly competitive environment.

Expand Global Footsteps in New Markets at ITME AFRICA 2020 & Consolidate Your Market Leadership at India ITME 2020.