EFFE created great interest at ITMA 2019 with PASHA Model Stenter Machine

EFFE participated ITMA for the second time in Barcelona on its tenth anniversary.

We hosted our guests on 300 sqm booth area on the 18th edition of ITMA. PASHA Model Stenter Machine, which was launched by EFFE at ITM 2016 in Istanbul, was showcased at the booth to display both natural gas and thermal oil heating system to visitors with the defining units of knitting and woven fabric working lines.

The EFFE Team at the booth at ITMA Barcelona

Our team of 15 employees from various departments such as production, sales, marketing, import, export and R&D and representatives from USA, Indonesia, Egypt, Peru, Thailand, Poland, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Tunisia, France, Iran and Pakistan informed visitors about our company and products. We are generally satisfied with the interest shown to our booth. As to summarise we have strengthened our predictions such as; US Market is open to investments compared to the previous years, South American market will see comparably better conditions, competition will increase in Asia, production capacities will increase in Europe, Egyptian textile industry will perform better, in India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and local market a prosperous year is about to come. Also, it was observed that there was an intense contribution from Turkey. The industry’s leading companies around the world follow the manufacturers at exhibitions before taking steps for investment and get prepared to pinpoint the target markets. Having total orders of 16 PASHA Model Stenter Machines during the exhibition, we have scheduled production plan according to this momentum.

3rd Generation Stenter Machine, PASHA

Effe Endustri is a ten-year-old company and its owner and team have more than twenty years of experience in designing and manufacturing stenters. Two stenter machines were produced under two different companies with this team in the past years. Customer expectations and demands are blended with the team’s ability to produce creative solutions and the features, which can make a stenter perfect are combined with experience. This can be considered as the third version of a stenter. The term third generation stenter machine originates from this concept. Our differences are hidden in renewing ourselves to meet the characteristics needed in our twenty-year history.

Low Consumption Costs, High Efficiency

The innovations we added to our stenter machine ‘PASHA’ since its launch, increased efficiency while reducing energy consumption. As for the main innovations, the IE4 class motors offering the highest energy efficiency was used. The latest technology inverters were preferred. Instead of the chimney pipe system installed above the chambers, the chamber built-in chimneys were manufactured to save energy. The quality of the insulating materials and the amount of use were determined for zero heat loss. For the efficiency of the heating system, heat exchangers and filters were located both horizontally and vertically.