COBRA International collaborates with Flite on range of new electric foiling composite surfboards

COBRA International collaborates with Flite on range of new electric foiling composite surfboards that can reach 45kmh

COBRA International Ltd is celebrating its 40th anniversary. COBRA International is collaborating with Flite, the Australian-based electric foiling surfboard manufacturer, on Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO – two state of the art, electric foiling composite surfboards that reach speeds of up to 45kmh.

Undertaking a full range of services with Flite and having been involved from the outset: from the design and engineering through to the prototyping of the boards plus the supply of foils and accessories, COBRA has now begun production and will produce approximately 600 units throughout 2019.

Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO boards are refined, highly engineered efoil boards that literally fly above the water with the capability of reaching 45kmh. Thanks to their composite construction and design, they are easy to customise, transport and set up, and offer the rider a noise-free and wake-free experience, with a zero-emission propulsion. They have a superyacht- influenced shape, a unique deck pattern and are available in luxury finishes of black, white or ash wood veneer.

A carbon/Innegra prepreg EPS sandwich laminate was selected for the boards themselves for maximum strength and stiffness at low weight, with each board weighing between 22-28kg depending on board, battery and wing choice. The electric and electronic components are contained in a watertight thermoformed carbon battery box with a full carbon sandwich lid, which also enables the key components to be incorporated more easily into the third Flite model, Flite AIR, an inflatable board.

In addition, an effective drainage system had to be put in place, and the creation of a strong connection between the battery box and the Bluetooth receiver was critical. To resolve these issues, COBRA worked with Flite to produce several prototype boards in parallel, to evaluate the thickness of the boards to accommodate the battery box, and to engineer the lid and the mast box for the foil.

COBRA has also carried out developmental work on the foils and accessories for the Flite range. The foils are now manufactured in a dedicated area of COBRA’s 10000m2 plant, with the deck pads and board bags also being manufactured in the separate accessories manufacturing division of the company.

Comments Bruce Wylie, CCO Watersports, COBRA: “Flite and COBRA have worked together very closely to ensure that every detail of the Fliteboard has been refined for maximum performance, durability, beauty and enjoyment. These are epic hydrofoils that would suit both first-time learners or even the most experienced riders.”