Feel the power of Swiss innovation… (Part 1)

ITMA the International Textile Machinery Exhibition in Barcelona (June 20 – 26, 2019). As a TextileFuture tradition, we offer a preview for our readership. The preview might serve you as a sort of a guide if you are visiting the trade show.

The first part offers you an insight of selected Swiss Exhibitors, as well as also the second part. Other exhibitors will follow in other issues of the TextileFuture Newsletter.

Feel the power of Swiss innovation…

This part of the ITMA Preview is about Swiss Exhibitors, all in alphabetical order

ITMA 2019 will demonstrate the ‘inventive DNA’ of Switzerland’s machinery producers

For textile machinery manufacturers and their customers, ITMA is the ‘greatest show on earth’ – attracting huge numbers of delegates eager to discover the latest technology trends and the newest machinery developments. The 2019 edition of this four-yearly event takes place in Barcelona in June, and there will again be a strong presence of Swiss textile machinery companies, whose participation at any ITMA is always the focus of enormous visitor interest.

 The majority of the 63 exhibitors from Switzerland at ITMA 2019 will attend under the organisation of their national representative body, the Swiss Textile Machinery Association (Swissmem), whose president, Ernesto Maurer, promises an exciting and dynamic showcase of genuine innovation:

“Swiss machinery manufacturers always provide some of the headline presentations at the big exhibitions,” he says.  “Barcelona this year will be no exception, as our members will certainly demonstrate the power of Swiss innovation, a tradition rooted in our national DNA across numerous ground-breaking inventions in textiles and the wider world.”

Swissmem is keen to emphasise the spirit of inventiveness, which has brought history-making breakthroughs as diverse as the chocolate bar, fizzy drinks and the computer mouse – as well as a continuing stream of textile-related innovations for which ITMA will provide the latest evidence.

The heritage of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association members is impressive, dating back to the dawn of the industrial revolution and amounting to a combined total of more than 4000 years of expertise in meeting the needs of textile producers worldwide.

At ITMA (June 20-26, 2019), every major sector along the textile value chain will be covered by Swiss exhibits, ranging from fibre and yarn manufacturing through knitting, weaving, nonwovens, dyeing and finishing. In many of these disciplines, such as textile testing and quality control and yarn spinning, Swiss firms lead the world. Tradition provides the essential background to the Swiss innovative spirit, but progress today sees companies, which are in the forefront of modern and future trends in areas such as digitalisation, sustainability and energy efficiency, with data handling and interpretation underpinning practically every aspect of their work.

Cornelia Buchwalder, Secretary General of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association, accepts that the industry faces ever-changing challenges – not least of which is inexorable globalisation of the textile business. “We in Switzerland are confident that we have the structures and strength to keep pace with the continuing evolution of the textile world, thanks to our financially sound companies and, of course the ongoing development of the machinery and equipment that our ‘inventor DNA’ makes possible,” she says.

“We also have the shared commitment to customer needs which is the core of our offering to the marketplace. Ultimately, we aim to provide added-value to our customers, to help them reach their business goals and achieve sustainable profitability.”

Swissmem is the leading association for SMEs and large companies in Switzerland’s mechanical and electrical engineering (MEM) industries and related technology-oriented sectors. Swissmem enhances the competitiveness of its 1100 or so member companies both at home and abroad by providing needs-based services. These services include professional advice on employment, commercial, contract and environmental law, energy efficiency, and knowledge and technology transfer. Swissmem operates a number of strong networks, including 27 specialist groups. The Swiss Textile Machinery Association is the oldest division, founded in 1940. It represents the interests of the Swiss textile machinery manufacturers.

Swissmem and the Swiss Textile Machinery Association are headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland and have branches in Winterthur and Lausanne.




Amsler with groundbreaking innovations and solid developments

Amsler with groundbreaking innovations and solid developments at ITMA 2019, Barcelona

The specialized manufacturer of value added yarn systems for spinning frames Amsler Tex informed about its novelties, which it will present at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona. The company is known for decades for its Swiss-made, robust and economic manufacturing devices for Slub- and Core-yarn. The announced bouquet of ITMA-news encompasses three directions: Innovation, Relaunch and Upgrade.

Innovation Wrapper yarn:

Wrapper Yarn inspiration

Wrapper yarn is a novel kind of yarn for new fashion or functional applications (Patents pending). Wrapper yarn consists of a basic yarn in the centre, which is wrapped by an additional yarn or filament, and is manufactured in one step on a spinning frame. The applications are broad. Knitware with wrapper yarn shows an astonishing softness, has little spirality and enjoys low pilling as well as a good dimensional stability.

Relaunch Core V:

Core V relaunch

Amsler’s Core yarn system is famous for its proven and unbeaten technology. In order to keep its aim to offer «the best core yarn device in the world» Amsler makes a relaunch. The new system Core V simplifies the handling, while keeping and improving the elastan centering performance as well as the rock solid filament monitoring and roving stop function.

Upgrade Control Unit STG 4000 to STG 5000:

The long-lasting profitable use of Amsler devices is an important aim of all Amsler’s activities. In this context Amsler promotes an upgrade of the existing STG 4000 control units of its loyal customers to the new STG 5000 system. This is a smart enhancement of the current slub device, which increases efficiency, enhances slub yarn quality and improves costs. The customer receives 12 months warranty on the new components and can use the old items as spare parts for other Amsler devices.

Visit us at ITMA 2019, Hall H6 Booth A210



Autefa presents new solutions



BENNINGER presents its latest developments

Incorporating the TRADITIONAL and the MODERN

In this 2019 ITMA year, Benninger is celebrating its 160th anniversary. This anniversary stands primarily for 160 years of commitment to textiles, but also for 160 years of responsibility towards sustainable textile production. Thanks to consistent innovation and the continuous improvement and further development of our products, processes and services, for the past 160 years the name Benninger has stood for textile finishing plants that are particularly resource-efficient.

At this year’s ITMA Barcelona BENNINGER will be presenting its latest developments:

  • The Benninger-Küsters CPB dyeing centre for knitwear and woven fabrics – the only salt-free cold dyeing process
  • The TEMPACTA washing steamer for knitted fabrics with freshwater supply that is controlled by the degree of contamination
  • The TRIKOFLEX drum washing machine that is available up to a working width of 5400 mm. In addition, a specially developed expander roller for sensitive fabrics will be exhibited.
  • BENNINGER – Küsters Multipad – the new development for complex impregnation tasks on woven fabrics and knitwear with electronically monitored, automatic lubrication

Salt-free dyeing of woven fabrics and knitwear

Salt-free dyeing without the use of energy is only possible using the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing process. This process is also becoming increasingly popular in tropical and subtropical regions, which is reason enough for Benninger-Küsters to adapt the CPB systems even more effectively to the climatic conditions. The heart of our CPB system is the BENNINGER KÜSTERS DYPAD, which we will also be presenting again this year at the ITMA Barcelona. BENNINGER is the only textile machine manufacturer with the know- how of the original S-roller technology, which is synonymous with an even dyeing result across the entire fabric width.

Contamination-dependent washing

The TEMPACTA washing steamer has been especially developed for all low-tension washing processes and is mainly used for diffusion washing (fastness washing). The unit has a consistent counterflow water supply. Online measurement of the degree of contamination regulates the necessary amount of fresh water in order to a.) guarantee the lowest possible water and energy consumption and b.) ensure a high reproducibility of the washing result.

Nothing is impossible: Tension-free and crease-free washing of textiles up to 5400mm

The TRIKOFLEX drum washing compartment has the highest mechanical washing efficiency thanks to the double drum technology and the front and back washing technology. Crease-free fabric transport is guaranteed, even with sensitive fabric. In addition, BENNINGER has developed a cylindrical expanding roller for particularly sensitive textiles for wet and steam applications. The washing compartment is rounded off with the HYDROVAC vacuum-water extraction system. Since each reaction process is followed by a washing process in wet finishing, 70% of the energy consumption is incurred during washing. For this reason, Benninger washing compartments are insulated so that up to 50 % of the radiated energy can be saved here.

BENNINGER Küsters MULITPAD – there is nothing that cannot be impregnated

The newly-developed BENNINGER KÜSTERS Multipad is an absolute highlight with regard to flexible impregnation tasks. The unit is equipped with an optional double impregnation feature and is suitable both for heavy denim articles and for very light knitwear. One of the special applications is over-dyeing and mercerising of denim. The Multipad is also used for cold bleaching and pre-treatment of knitwear.

IoT – networked and informed at all times

The topic of the “internet of things” (IoT) is also becoming increasingly important in the textile machinery industry. True to the principle “trust is good, control is better”, the important operating parameters of the BENNINGER systems are continuously monitored in a closed control circuit. Deviations are detected and corrected immediately.

Particularly quality-critical parameters are forwarded to those responsible by means of modern IoT technologies and an alarm is sounded in the event of limit value violations. A good example of this is the central bearing lubrication on the BENNINGER KÜSTERS Dyepad: The critical lever bearings of the padder are permanently lubricated, malfunctions are reported and the lubricant is automatically replenished. Another example is online monitoring of the air-conditioned electrical circuit cabinets.

A newly revised maintenance manager provides information about the maintenance status of the system at any time and generates a recommendation as well as a schedule for the next maintenance cycle. Another example of modern process monitoring is the newly- developed online measurement of the degree of contamination of the washing water and the resulting optimisation of water consumption.

To give our customers an overview of their production facility at all times, we have further developed the established management information system BEN-iDATA. This allows the customer to query all important machine data, the maintenance status and the ecological footprint of the current production batch at any time and from any place. Last but not least, Benninger has developed an electronic ticket system for service assistance, which transmits diagnostic data at the time of the event to the Teleservice team in our main facility at the customer’s request. This enables us to offer our customers efficient and timely support.

Visit us at the ITMA Barcelona (B205 in Hall 2), join us in celebrating 160 years of textile competence and connect with us.

Benninger is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture and service of technologically advanced, highly-developed textile finishing and tyre cord solutions for the global textile, chemical fibre, tyre and conveyor belt manufacturing markets.

With innovative and reliable products as well as comprehensive knowledge in textile process engineering, Benninger always supplies tailor-made process solutions based on close cooperation and coordination with our customers.

Our approach is always driven by the textile applications of our customers. Thanks to many years of experience and in-depth textile competence, Benninger creates sustainable added value for its customers. Benninger has a large number of reference installations at its disposal for the individual application processes.

Benninger operates as an integrated solution provider. We plan and implement technologically optimised and individual process and system solutions. We are a trustworthy and reliable partner for our customers throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.


CREALET with a new logo and corporate design at the ITMA 2019

Preparations for the world’s most important Textile Machine Fair are currently in full swing. From 20  June 20 – 26, CREALET will be presenting innovative technologies for the electronic warp feed for narrow- and wide weaving machines at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona.

The trade fair focus on INNOVATING THE WORLD OF TEXTILES precisely reflects CREALET’s core business. The ITMA is thus the ideal platform for CREALET to demonstrate the entire portfolio, to exchange ideas with experts and customers and to get in contact with young talents.

The two independent companies Rüti Textil GmbH and CREALET AG seize the opportunity of a joint trade fair participation. Both are experts in the weaving process with the use of the latest technology in the field of industry 4.0.

Crealet AG is specialized in customized warp feed systems and Rüti Textil GmbH is expert in development tasks of the weft insertion.

Introduction of CRELET’s new appearance

CREALET is thrilled to announce the introduction of our new corporate design, with a refreshed logo. The new design is in line with the evolution of the company with new products and services under the leadership of the next generation of leaders. All areas, processes and communication channels are equipped with this new design – but it is impossible to update all at the exact same time. If you still meet the previous logo at one point or another, you can assume that it will not be long there either.

CREALET presents itself with a new look on the pulse of the time

Apart from the new, fresh appearance the visitors can expect new and inspiring features for optimizing warp tension control of small warp beams. Special solution in warp tension control for narrow and wide weaving machines is the core competence of CREALET.

New features for warp tension control

CREALET develops drives and controls that allow a fast and precise positioning and synchronized movements that support highest system dynamics in an intelligent system network.

LT control unit

The LT control unit is designed for continuous operation in the Textile Industry, with features for a quick setting. The LT control unit consists of a display. The display shows measured warp tension, active functions/settings and display settings in the menu.

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT)

A rapidly advancing industrial digitisation, and trends, like smart factory and the Internet-of-Things are challenges and prospects CREALET will handle together with qualified partners to expand CREALET’s position. A first step in this direction has already been realised with a customer project in the area of safety-relevant narrow fabrics.

Innovation with sustainability – a new lease of life for your machinery

It makes no sense to work with warp let-off devices, which do not meet the requirements. Instead, consider updating existing weaving machines to the latest specifications in warp feeding. CREALET’s experts will advise you in detail about any possible improvements.

CREALET’s service benefits in:

  • increasing automation of existing machinery
  • improving reliability
  • raising quality and productivity
  • extending equipment lifecycles

CREALET will be pleased to inform you in detail about:

  • Electronic let-off and cloth take-up devises
  • Warp beam devices on weaving machines
  • Warp beam stands for one or more warp beams
  • Yarn feeding devices for weaving from creel
  • Electronic selvedge thread let-off’s

Meet CREALET at ITMA 2019, Hall4, Booth A110 and discover the innovations for small warp beam control, and find out more about sustainable modifications of existing warp feed systems.

CREALET AG is the world leading manufacturer of electronically controlled warp thread feed systems for wide and narrow weaving machines.

CREALET operates worldwide to provide innovative solutions mostly in the field of technical fabrics. In addition to designing and manufacturing the company from Eschenbach SG, Switzerland, guarantees efficient coordination with all partners involved.


Heberlein gears to increased performance

Proficient in efficiency! Increased performance, higher flexibility and superior quality. Heberlein AG (Hall 6, Booth D202) is launching among others, the following products for modification and treatment of synthetic yarns.

Lufan 3 Aspirator

The Heberlein AirSplicer POY, the lightest AirSplicer for splicing POY during false twist texturing DTY.

The automatic splice cycles ensures stable, operator independent quality. It is a robust design but guarantees smooth functioning under extreme condition and a high efficiency can be achieved by high transfer rates in the false twsit texturising process (depending to the yarn count from 95 to 100 %).

Knot-free air interlacing for texturising

The new KF Jet Insert guarantees there are no imperfections in the fabric such as pinholes, teardrops or stripes. It provides a 15 – 30% increased unwinding speed compared to non-interlaced yarn paired with improved energy efficiency compared to so called “soft interlacing”.

The Heberlein SlideJet-2T for best interlacing with lowest air consumption

The special design was developed for processing fine multifilament yarn on Twin-Pac DTY machines with converted take-up positions (for twin packages). The cutting-edge jet inserts technology ensures improved interlacing, small variation from position to position and low air consumption. The ceramic material prevent wear out.

The Heberlein WarpJet provides time saving on threading and energy efficient and customized Interlacing.

The new WarpJet boosts performance improvements of 10 – 50% thanks to higher operating speeds, low air consumption and higher nip number. The modular design allows a choice between a cost optimization or high-end performance solution. The full range of Heberlein jets will operate on the WarpJet up to 32 ends. It’s simple to mount and unmount for easy maintainance.

Heberlein PolyJet SP-2 HP provides high-performance air interlacing for filament spinning applications

The latest generation PolyJet has the full range of jet insert for producing all yarns including finer denier (<50den) with 0.9 mm air orifice. The SP-2 HP offers high-performance in terms of air interlacing tacks numbers and regularity, less broken filaments and reduced air consumption. It has been fully optimized for yarn less than 2.5 dpf and microfilaments operating at lower pressures. With a retrofit option, it is possible to replace the jet pack on existing SP-2 housings or for customers specific design as for Barmag FDY Wing as well as for TMT ORKA POY production machines.

Taslan air – texturing – TexJet-ATY

For the Taslan air-jet texturing program all approved TexHead types are shown, some will be launched and introduced for the first time at ITMA.

Series Dx0, such as D40, D50

For voluminous yarns and high over feed up to 200%, for technical application and fashion

Series Dx1, such as D12

For more volume, covering capacity, and overfeed and higher texturing speed

Series Dx2, such as D002

For the processing of ultrafine ATY, total yarn count from 10 … 50 dtex

Series Dx3, such as D13, D33, D43

For extremely compact high stable yarns, for automotive and household textiles

Series Dx4, such as D14, D24, D34, D44

For effect yarns, for fashion, sport wear, leisurewear and household textiles.


Loepfe – Next generation textile quality control systems opens up new worlds

From Switzerland, Loepfe Brothers Ltd. with its optical yarn clearers has revolutionized quality control in the textile industry. Today, Loepfe is the world-wide leading manufacturer and solution partner for electronic online quality assurance systems. Machine manufa at to expect: Innovation at top level, quality made in Switzerland cturers as well as spinning mills and weaving mills around the globe use Loepfe technology from Switzerland. They know what to expect: Innovation at top level, quality made in Switzerland.


Since its establishment in 1955 by the brothers Helmut andErich Loepfe, the company has been the pacesetter for innovation in textile quality control.Loepfe has established itself in the field of optical yarn clearers with pioneering achievements.

Today, Loepfe is considered world-wide as the specialist for integral quality control systems. Fifty percent of the world-wide yarn production are monitored by Loepfe yarn clearers. The headquarters are in Wetzikon/Switzerland, where Loepfe employs approximately 150 persons. The production location Switzerland guarantees stability and reliability. All Loepfe products are still developed and manufactured in  Switzerland.

Loepfe is represented in all important textile markets via an international network of representations and service locations. Loepfe quality is based on our employees’ unique know-how and many years of experience. They do outstanding work. Loepfe invests systematically in research and development. We know the complex requirements of the textile industry and provide tailor-made solutions, state-of-the-art technology. We keep an eye on the future and already work on tomorrow’s solutions today, built for the next generation.

Loepfe invented the optical yarn clearer. Optics, electronics and software are the foundation of our technical competence from which unique innovations and pa-tents emerged. Optical yarn clearing is and remains the ideal measuring principle because the quality of finished woven fabrics is always assessed by the human eye. Textile quality control following the parameters of the human eye. We bring quality assurance in spinning mills and weaving mills to state-of-the-art level in close cooperation with our international partners and customers. Loepfe’s competences are valued because they are unique in textile quality assurance.

Spinning solutions built to see more

Loepfe guarantees 100 % quality monitoring for winding and open-end spinning mills. Our optoelectronic yarn clearers have made history. The measuring principle comes closest to the assessment by the human eye. A technological top performance at speeds of two thousand meters per minute. The quality of Loepfe YarnMaster yarn clearers is unique. They ensure reliability and top efficiency in online classification of faults. The universally usable sensors detect smallest faults and achieve reliable results under all production conditions. One sensing head is sufficient for covering a large yarn count range. All these data are sent to MillMaster TOP. The systematic evaluation shows the re liable path to process optimization. The control ensures the quality of the end product and thus the success of the manufacturer. Our customers know – with Loepfe they see more.

Loepfe’s laboratory test instruments follow a new ground-breaking philosophy.  Loepfe made the lab processes more efficient by integrating various textile test procedures in one laboratory sys-tem – with regard to time, resources and result analysis. Loepfe thereby meets the demand for more efficiency in textile laboratories. The all-in-one-principle of Loepfe LabMaster automates the complete test procedure, reduces space requirements, maintenance, service and operator staff. Test instruments for fibers and yarns are basic components of every textile laboratory. With the unique integration of various measurements in one system, Loepfe supports the decision process in the spinning mill, from fiber processing up to the finished yarn. All measured data are transfered toLabMaster TOP. The fast access to all data simplifies analysis and evaluation in reports which considerably facilitates the work of the decision-makers.

Loepfe is accredited supplier of all well-known weaving machine manufacturers.  Our WeftMaster is the leading technology and always sets new standards. In addi-tion to countless proven producuts, there are always innovative new developments, which increase quality and productivity. The optical yarn fault sensor FALCON-i is a new, path-breaking innovation for weaving and spinning mills. It detects and removes even the smallest knots, fluff and filamentation. In the production of high-tech woven fabrics, the installa-tion of the optical sensor ensures a more efficient zero-defect production. Loepfe develops tailor-made overall solutions for machine manufacturers that ensure 100% weft thread insertion. Thanks to Loepfe know-how and Loepfe master technology, weaving mills have their production under control.

Built for Success

Loepfe lays the foundation for the inter-national success of its textile quality assurance systems with sustainable products and individual customer service. We know the requirements and developments of the textile industry in the individual countries and maintain a long-standing relation with the industry leaders. We offer our customers with functional and future-oriented solutions with added value. We provide sustained state-of-the-art solutions and deliver all spare parts reliably even after many years. Our main markets are China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brazil. We do a good portion of our business directly with machine manufacturers in Europe and the Far East. We work hand in hand with these manufacturers, in order to increase the effectivity in quality assurance from year to year.

Services at top level

Loepfe has a well coordinated sales network with about 90 representations in more than 70 countries. We are local, close to the customer. Our service is the key for our customers’ success. Our assistance goes beyond mere product  support. Our service team comprises trained textile technologists with a wealth of experience. Loepfe offers training and further education and locally ensures efficient quality management at top level.

LOEPFE presents at ITMA a world FIRST – smarter than ever

Loepfe is driving forward developments and presenting a world first at ITMA 2019. Innovative technologies for solutions to various problems will surprise and set new standards. The total solution from Loepfe offers lasting improvements in quality management while increasing productivity and efficiency.

We reveal the secret in Barcelona at Hall7 / Booth A210a


Loomdata is the specialist for Big Data

Luwa Air Engineering is a strong partner

Luwa Air Engineering AG – a strong partner with a worldwide presence

Competent and efficient air engineering is of crucial importance for production quality and performance in textile mills.

New technologies and ever more advanced and faster machines place higher and higher demands in the industry. An efficient air control system is all the more important for quality and performance in production. Luwa offers competent and extensive know-how – for air handling, air direction, air cleaning, air disposal as well as heat recovery. The capability to open up new market segments, the dynamic innovative force, constant integration of the latest technologies and findings into the manufacturing of products and system solutions, together with its international presence make Luwa an attractive market partner.

As a company with a sense of responsibility, Luwa places great importance on a careful approach to the environment. The company pays attention to the greatest possible protection of natural resources in the manufacture of its products and systems. The use of non-renewable raw materials is kept to a minimum, energy consumption and emissions are reduced as far as possible. Latest developments assisting to this task are the B610 Air Fan and LoomLite for weaving.

Now, as in the future, the name Luwa stands for outstanding customer benefit, economic quality and fit-for-purpose technology. Our aim is to continually redefine the boundaries of what is feasible and what is possible and we can depend on the support of a qualified team that always puts the interests of the customer at the centre of attention. More than 80 products and systems especially designed to the need of the global textile industry wait to be implemented in your plant.

If it is optimal solutions in air technology that you are looking for, speak to us at Hall H8.1, Booth A210.


Maag Brother Machine Works, the global leader in fabric inspection

Fabric inspection: A crucial element of any successful textile production

Maag Brothers Machine Works from Switzerland is a globally leading producer of performant machines in the field of quality assurance for the textile industry. Our area of expertise includes fabric inspection, plating, selvedge printing and packaging.

At ITMA 2019, we are proud to showcase our newest innovations in the field of automated visual error detection and IT solutions. Thanks to our new visual technology, Maag fabric inspection machines can now run up to 3x faster whilst becoming even more accurate in error detection. Combined with our optimized human interface tool MaagQTex and the seamless integration of data in our client’s ERP systems, your textile production processes will be greatly improved.

At our stand, the specialists from Maag Brothers Machine Works will show you with real life cases from around the world how our new innovative solutions can turn your inspection department into a high-performance service centre with up to 100 % fault recording guarantee and low personal costs.

We are pleased to present you the following three innovations:

1.            Automated fabric inspection solutions

Our new generation of high-speed inspection systems.

Thanks to the integration of a new automatic camera system, the Maag inspection machines can run up to 3x faster and thus greatly speed up your production processes. And what is equally important, the error detection is improved as well. This new technology effectively supports your factory workers and especially makes 3 shift (24×7) production processes more effective and reliable.

2.            Electronic error data recording system MaagQTex

Fully integrated error data recording system for all classical inspection machines with newly developed human interface. Available for inspection and cutting processes, classical inspection and cutting or 2-step solution with cutting optimizing system.

3.            Touch free laser length measuring system

A new generation of laser length measuring devices which work completely accurate at fast and at crawling speed!

All three innovations can be integrated in your existing inspection department and most of your current equipment can still be used.

Maag Brothers Machine Works from Switzerland is a globally leading producer of performant machines in the field of quality assurance for the textile industry. Our area of expertise includes fabric inspection, plating, selvedge printing and packaging.

The family run company represents over 140 years of experience in machine making. For 6 generations now, the Maag family is committed to long-term and trustful client relationships.

Thanks to this long tradition and their outstanding engineering skills, Maag can offer tailormade and highly reliable machines for various different client needs. Outstanding client service and innovative IT and logistics solutions round up Maag’s leading product offering.


Innovating the world of Narrow Fabrics

The Jakob Müller Group is the No. 1 supplier of systems and solutions for the ribbon and narrow fabrics industry, providing everything from warp preparation to the final product on a one-stop-shop basis

Müller in red

The big frame for our ideas, solutions and applications

Large, open machine zone for the presentation of our machinery, arranged by topic islands; perfect to provide our customers with specific and comprehensive information and advice.

The big frame for our ideas, solutions and applications

Large, open machine zone for the presentation of our machinery, arranged by topic islands; perfect to provide our customers with specific and comprehensive information and advice

We will present only new developments, which will be released at ITMA 2019 only – no information will be disclosed before.


  • Our campaignwww.nfm.swiss shall keep the tension upright – please click on the relevant website: The new generation of needle weaving!
  • The IoT is the driving topic.

Digitising the production process

Cooperation with Digital Capability Center (DCC) at the University of Aachen/ Germany

Setup of a

•             real production environment, the so-called “learning factory”

•             Industry 4.0 topics can be visualized using practical examples

•             the DDC and Jakob Müller AG offer application-oriented workshops, training and events, which can be booked by interested customers for their specialists and management.

Modules presented at ITMA:

  • Service-Portal «mymuller®»
    • Production data acquisition system «MÜNET MASTER»
    • New «smart» applications produced on our machinery (visit our booth Hall 4, Booth A107)

MyMuller® – the Jakob Muller Service Portal

•             Downloading manuals

•             Scrolling the spare parts catalogue

•             Ordering spare parts

All online via:

Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone



Retech Innovative new products for different applications

The blue thread moves on its way! For the third time since 2011 in Barcelona, 2015 in Milano und now 2019 again in Barcelona Retech is exhibiting interesting innovations under the motto of the blue thread and thereby remains faithful to its line.

This coming June in Barcelona Retech will show a diverse and interesting range of new products for different applications. In the forefront we shall show intentionally 3 innovations from different areas of activity. However, there are further new things to be discovered in Hall 7 Booth B109:

Retech as expert in monitoring your yarn tension to perfection will show in Barcelona a further development of the long proven and successful yarn tension sensor. This yarn tension sensor, which is based on HALL sensor technology, has established itself in the last 20 years as the leading technology for the on-line measurement of yarn tension. The main characteristics such as robustness, insensitivity to external influences, high accuracy, long term stability and user friendly service have led to the Retech yarn tension sensor becoming a ‘must’  in the production of filament yarns. The main range of application is in false-twist texturing production (DTY), but there are other applications such as in extrusion (FDY / BCF), in air jet texturing and in diverse winding processes, where the monitoring of yarn tension is essential for the continuous assurance of yarn quality. At any point technical or commercial boundaries are met, and so it is necessary to offer successful solutions in these technically related areas.

For this reason Retech has developed the proven yarn tension sensor with HALL technology in two directions. In Barcelona we shall show with considerable pride a version for application in extrusion. A sensor, which is foreseen with additional characteristics, in order to be able to withstand the even greater demands and influences of a spinning process at high speeds (4000 m/min. +) and higher yarn counts (3000 dtex +).

Yarn Tension Sensor Extrusion

On the other hand we shall show a low cost version, which admittedly omits a few features, which are usually necessary and established. With this low cost version we have the possibility to enter also into areas of application and markets, where the price exhibits a central role. Where the absolute measurement stands less in the centre and where certain details can be compensated by means of modern technology and software. Especially in the area of OEM business, where the yarn tension sensor is integrated into the central machine control (centre) of the machine builder, there appear to be interesting new opportunities. This new version of the proven HALL sensor principal with the application of the newest and further developed technology is showing already great interest from notable machine manufacturers.

Yarn tension sensor optimised

Retech as expert in drawing your fibres to perfection will present with eager anticipation a new godet generation as their second main innovation in the area of today’s core business of heated godet rolls for the drawing and treatment of all kinds of synthetic yarns. Based on the proven and efficient motor technology by means of permanent synchron magnet technology, which enables a very economic operation, an interesting further development has taken place, which rounds off further the Retech godet roll range.

Retech sets its stall by the permanent synchron magnet motor technology and offers three product ranges. Based on a motor size of 80, godet rolls with diameters 100 – 127 mm are offered. The motor size 90 is concentrated on diameters 150 – 160 mm and the motor size 112 based on diameters 190 – 250 mm. All three ranges cover different godet roll lengths and heating possibilities (1 – 6 zones, STS (non-rotating PT100 temperature sensor) or RTS (rotating temperature sensor) including the necessary measured value transmitter and are consequently designed according to the modular system, which demonstrates interesting economic possibilities for the customer, even with small numbers of units.

Also in the case of smaller godet roll diameters in order to accommodate ever higher demands for speed and temperature, Retech has now developed further its range of motors and equipped it with the well-known features of the larger motor series (112), which comes into play in the case of high end godet rolls. Through this the godet roll range with diameter 160 mm opens up a new performance range, which enables a continuous operation at speeds up to 4500 m/min. and temperatures to 250 °C, whilst of course maintaining the usual quality, precision and long life. As with all godet rolls Retech has avoided the greasing of bearings and inductor cooling by means of the clever cooling and heat dissipation system. An important puzzle solution here is the permanent synchron magnet technology mentioned beforehand. Specifically this draws only sufficient current as the process actually demands and thereby leads to an energy saving and efficient operation.

Heated godet new generation“ / „Heated godet small brother“

Besides these new godet roll products further godet rolls will of course be shown in Barcelona. In addition to the already mentioned „standard“ godet rolls (whereby each godet roll is trimmed and optimised for the chosen range of application), godet rolls will also be exhibited for washing and drying processes for high performance fibres. Even so there are also godet rolls with external drives, which find application in different niche markets (artificial grass, medical applications, horizontal drawing lines, etc.).

The third part of the previously mentioned special innovations concerns the original Retech product range. Retech, whose name stands for regulation technology and whose origin springs from temperature regulation, is showing its newly developed temperature control and measured value transmission line. Under the name “Blue-Line”, the next generation of this system will be shown at ITMA Barcelona. This success story began in the middle of the 70’s with the analogue temperature controller RRU, followed by the first digital temperature controllers Microtronic-08, Microtornic-24 in the late 80’s, followed by DTC-24 and CR-03 (the first multizone temperature controller) at the end of the 90’s, up to today’s ETC-24 and CR-7 versions in combination with the UTR-4 with transmission of temperature measured values.

By means of the re-worked „Blue-Line“, the advantages of the individual systems are now combined and enable new interesting areas of application. This is on the one hand for our own regulation and control installation, but also for our OEM customer, who can integrate the individual components easily and securely in their control circuit systems and yet again for small „stand-alone“ applications.

Retech will show as a world premier in Barcelona:

Temperature Controler

– UCR-6 temperature controller for multi-zone godet rolls (1-6 heating zones)

– UCR-6P temperature controller for 6 independent heating positions (1 zone STS godet rolls or other heating components)

– USC temperature converter (to convert the digital into an analogue signal)

– UTR-4A measured value transmitter as a technical and robust further development for the hostile working environment of man-made fibre manufacturing.

With these new products, which cover the needs of our customers in an optimal way, Retech are able to round off their product programme and to react in an optimal way to each enquiry and demand.

„UCR-6 Temperature controller“ / „UTR-4A_PT100+Stator“ / UTR-4A_Stator“

Now we should very much like to shed more light on some advantages of the new temperature control units:

–              The temperature controller UCR-6 / 6P comes now with an integrated LED display, which enables the operation of the unit as a stand-alone option. This way the user sees the actual status, including all important information such as the set and actual temperatures, and on the other hand alarm and error information in clear text.

–              The UCR-6P presents a very interesting and cost optimised version for small plants with a small number of control positions. The control per regulator with 6 independent participants can be taken directly at the unit itself and without any bus structure or PLC.

–              The unit enables a simple configuration in situ by the operator. A significant advantage, also in the case of replacements.

–              By means of intelligent technology the temperature controller UCR-6 / 6P is allowed an optimised network loading, at the same time setting a limit to the network loading. The network loading follows uniformly and not stepwise with spikes as with other products, which can lead to problems at the godet roll or the network.

–              The heating load is distributed uniformly in the case of multi-zone godet rolls, which leads to a further optimisation of the network loading.

–              The synchronous phase control of the output relay (SSR) enables the application of cost-efficient random switching relays.

–              By means of a switch, the regulator or the corresponding heater can be turned on or off. The optical input to the regulator enables the operation of several regulators by means of a single switch. In the case of a plant with a number of heaters this reduces significantly the investment in wiring.

These are only the most important advantages, which flow in the new „Blue-Line“ temperature control range. Unfortunately, these are often disregarded in a general judgement. A simple and understandable demonstration of the points mentioned will be presented live at the ITMA in Barcelona, and thereby everyone can be convinced themselves of the considerable benefits.

Besides the three highlights mentioned in the range of yarn tension sensors, heated godet rolls and temperature regulation and transmission Retech is showing further innovations and products.

On the one hand there are the proven separator rolls with air bearings in various sizes, the many kinds of heated godet roll mentioned already including godet rolls for cooling and washing, and also large hot plates for draw warping applications, which even enable our national flag to be manufactured ….. all under the motto «Engineered and Made in Switzerland». We welcome you from the heart to our show stand in Hall 7  Booth B109 during ITMA in Barcelona!


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