Verified Block-Pattern by Hohenstein

Verified block-pattern development with HohensteinWe work closely with you to develop your desired fit, incorporating insights from research and industry to ensure mobility, comfort and a visually appealing look in every size

Fits in all sizes: the Hohenstein Quality Label “Verified Block-Pattern”.

If your product has the quality label “Verified block-pattern”, you are making it clear that your customers are holding in their hand an item of clothing that is comfortable and visually appealing in all sizes. The freedom of movement of the product is also appropriate for the area of use. This quality label is particularly suitable for ready-made clothing.

The test is particularly suitable for Ready-made clothing.


The verified block-pattern for the garments tested is developed in collaboration with Hohenstein. This development incorporates the latest insights on body proportions and functional measurements.

We also check whether the verified-block pattern is compatible with the articles used and whether the fit quality defined for the product is implemented.

Your Benefit as a Customer

•             Checks to ensure your suppliers have also used the pattern sent by you correctly and as intended.

•             Verification of whether the pattern, material and processing complement each other through fittings of the test samples.

•             The label indicates to your customer and the end consumer that the fit is assured in every size thanks to the verified block-pattern.

Requirement for Test Samples


•             The test samples are production pieces.

Material Volume

•             Three samples per product must be taken from each order: one in the size small, one in medium and one in large.

Test Duration

•             10 working days for standard

•             5 working days for express

Test Criteria

•             The measurements of the test samples are tested to ensure compliance with the measurements table.

•             The finished product is tested to ensure it complies with the verified block-pattern that was developed together with the manufacturer and the corresponding grading in all sizes. The verified block-pattern is plotted out in the relevant size and applied to the test sample.

•             The material used and processing applied are checked to ensure they are suitable for the verified block-pattern. The test samples are fitted on test subjects in the relevant sizes to verify that they have the appropriate comfort and mobility for the area of use of the clothing.

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