Winners of 2019 AATCC Concept 2 Consumer® Student Design Competition

AATCC received 96 entries, with 128 students participating from 24 colleges and universities. This year’s “Splashing Around”-themed competition challenged students to design a line for a specific outdoor activity that is both fashionable and functional to use in the rain. The line should enhance the outdoor experience while being used in the rain. This year, students were asked to access educational resources, so they could highlight at least one AATCC test method and why it was important to their product line. See the full guidelines for the contest online.

The Winners:

1st Place: 3PG: Paralympic Precipitation Practice Gear by Jessica Bachansingh, Florida State University

This student was awarded:

Jessica Bachansingh graduated this year with a major in Retail Entrepreneurship from Florida State University.  Bachansingh says, “I learned how to design around the needs of underserved customers while utilizing water repellent finishes in Paralympic athletic wear. I also furthered my understanding of AATCC wet test methods.” She will start a Product Development job in August for Kohl’s corporate office in Milwaukee, WI, USA. Bachansingh says, “I will take my understanding of AATCC tests for quality along with my understanding of the importance of the intimate details within a garment when designing for a specific customer.”

2nd Place: Rain or Shine by Bonnie Smith, Auburn University

This student was awarded:

Bonnie Smith is a junior majoring in Apparel Design and Production Management at Auburn University.

Smith says, “This project taught me the importance of understanding your consumer’s needs.” Smithintends to work in fashion design, hopefully as a creative director under a brand, and one day maybe even create her own line. “I think that a lot of skills from the competition can be applied to a career in design,” she says. “The consumer research and innovative design that went into this project were a great glimpse into the research that goes into designing full lines as well.” 

Honourable Mentions:

Come Rain or Shine by Grace Kirimi, Cornell University  

Pitter Patter by Rebecca Norwood, Auburn University

These two students were awarded:

Grace Kirimi is an undergrad majoring in architecture and pursuing a minor in fashion design at Cornell University. Kirimi says. “Perhaps the most important lesson I learned from the competition was that fabrics really are the primary determiners of if and how well a design can be executed. Fabric choice, material, and structural material properties—especially in relation to the activity in context, go a long way in establishing the quality of the garment and of the customer’s experience as well.” Kirimi’s future plans are to apply her knowledge and skills from both fields to practice both architecture and fashion concurrently.

Rebecca Norwood is a sophomore majoring in Apparel Design and Production Management at Auburn University. Norwood says, “This competition taught me to think outside of the box and to coordinate ideas. I want to discover my own style of design and eventually start my own design label. The skills I have gained from this competition will aid in my ability to come up with functional yet stylish designs, as well as prepare for group design work and projects.”

AATCC would like to extend appreciation to the following developers, judges, and sponsors. Without their expertise and assistance, the competition would not have been possible.


Mary Brannon, Apparel Technology Coordinator at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Sandra Johnson, Senior Account Manager at Color Solutions International

Nora Khanna, Product Development Manager at Pantone

Kerry King, Vice President, R&D at Spoonflower Inc.

Alyssa McNamara, Research Associate at Spoonflower Inc.

Muditha Senanayake, Interim Dept. Chair, Associate Professor, Apparel Merchandising and Management at Cal Poly Pomona

Mark Sunderland, Director Academic Operations/Textile Engineer+ Strategist at Thomas Jefferson University


Lisa Beck, Product Manager at Datacolor

Emily Coleman, Designer and Merchandise Manager at Jefferies Socks

Craig Crawford, King of Creative at CrawfordIT

Dee Dee Davis, Owner and Designer at Décor Print Custom Digital Textile Printing

Hunter Ellis, President at Jacquard Inject Fabric Systems

Anna Hall, E-commerce Specialist at Jefferies Socks

Danielle Hazen, Partner at LIRICO Group

Diana Ho, Sr. Product Manager, Urban Exploration & Sportswear at The North Face

Nicole Kligerma, Marketing Associate, Social Media at Spoonflower Inc.

Lauren Koury, E-commerce Specialist at Carolina Hosiery Mills

Raylene Marasco, President at Dyenamix Inc

Alyssa McNamara, Research Associate at Spoonflower Inc.

Kristie Rhodes, Manager, Product Development at Cotton Incorporated

Mike Scrutton, Director – Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe

Dolly Shtreif, VP Global Marketing at Browzwear

Seth Winner, Technical Manager for Wovens at Cotton Incorporated

Carrie Yates, Manager of Product Development at Cotton Incorporated

AATCC is the world’s leading not-for-profit association serving textile professionals since 1921. AATCC, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, provides test method development, quality control materials, and professional networking for members in about 50 countries throughout the world.

Winners of the 2019 Filtrex Innovation Award

Sector has officially recognised innovation in the filtration industry

The FILTREX™  Innovation  Award,  the  only  award recognizing  innovation  in  the  filtration  industry,  was  won by Math2Market for their GeoDict software.

The FILTREX™ Innovation Award recognizes the efforts of all manufacturers of nonwoven based filtration products/elements and celebrate their continuous efforts for excellence and innovation. Votes were submitted confidentially by industry professionals attending FILTREX™ Europe, the nonwovens filter media conference and tabletop exhibition, being held in Berlin on May 14-15, 2019.

After  Each  nominee  presented  a  10-minute  showcase  of  their  innovation,  Math2Market  was announced as the winners with more than 50%  of  the  vote.  This  recognition  of  the industry is represented by a trophy featuring an artist’s view of a filter media performance.

The official ceremony

Math2Market were honoured for their innovative and easy-to-use FiberFind-AI module of Geodict software. This material simulator claimed to be the most complete solution for multi-scale 3D image processing and material modelling. FiberFind uses modelled nonwoven  microstructures  to train a neural network to label binder with artificial 3-D scans. After training, the  neural network also recognizes the binder in 3-D scans of real nonwovens.

Dr. – Ing Mehdi Azimian (pictured above) stated “On behalf of Math2Market, it is a great honour to win the FILTREX™ Innovation Award 2019 in Berlin. This will motivate us to bring more and more innovative and practical features into our scientific software GeoDict. Many thanks to EDANA team for their great and professional organization of the FILTREX™ conference. A great place to learn and network”

“We are delighted to see the growing interest in the FILTREX™ Award, and the fact that nominees cover not only nonwoven filter media but also other steps in the supply chain is a great achievement in line with our vision for this contest”, concluded Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA.

Nominees shortlisted for the award, in alphabetic order, were:

Extia® 1000 by Ahlstrom-Munksjö

Extia® is a 100 % synthetic, highly durable, pulse cleanable filter media, designed to last longerin all operating conditions. Extia® can extend filtration lifetime, whilst effectively removing coarse particulates at a lower level of pressure drop.

micronAir® Gas Shield by Freudenberg

The newest innovation from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’ to reliably protect passengers against harmful gases and unpleasant odors, micronAir® Gas Shield is a premium activated carbon selection for automotive cabin air filters.

FiberFind-AI module of Geodict software by Math2Market

The innovative and easy-to-use material simulator GeoDict® is the most complete solution for multi-scale 3D image processing and material modelling.

Welstrat by Welspun

Designed for industrial filtration, Welstrat is a singed and calendared specialty needlefelt, suitable for mid temperature ranges from 140° to 180°C. Welstrat offers excellent acid, alkali and hydrolysis resistance. High air permeability and lower mean pore size results in better efficiency and less energy consumption.

EDANA  serves  more  than  250  companies  across  36  countries  in  the  nonwovens  and related industries, helping its members to design  their  future.  The Association’s  mission  is  to  create the foundation for sustainable growth of the nonwovens and related industries through active promotion, education and dialogue.

Positive Luxury Awards 2020

A global celebration of sustainability and innovation within the luxury industry. The awards, which are open to all luxury brands, recognise companies or individuals that are working towards affecting positive change in businesses and our world.

Positive Luxury connects luxury brands and people who care about the future through the Butterfly Mark, a symbol of trust earned by brands that have adopted sustainability as a business strategy, offering transparency and equipping people to make informed purchasing decisions.

Judged by an expert panel, the awards will be held in February 2020 in London (UK) (more information is available on the website of Positive Luxury).


The Positive Luxury Awards are open to any brand, or in the case of the leader and lifetime achievement categories, any individual in the luxury industry.

There are 10 award categories and the entry fee per category is GBP 120. Entrants may submit in more than one category if they so wish. Brands who have been awarded the Butterfly Mark can enter one category for free and are thereafter offered a discounted price of GBP 99 per entry for any additional entries.

The closing date for entries is September 1, 2019.

Apply here per category

Design Competition

Students and recent graduates will have the unique opportunity to design and create our trophy for The Positive Luxury Awards, which will be handed to the winners and proudly displayed by thought-leaders, sustainability experts and leading luxury brands at the awards ceremony in February 2020.

The competition challenges emerging designers and creative minds from international design schools and art academies to tackle a design brief while taking sustainable materials, production and values into account.