IFGfit launches Inaugural Collection

The California-based apparel technology brand launches its first activewear collection, blending science and fashion to create apparel that improves physical wellness and mental energy

IFGfit is pleased to announce the launch of its dynamic activewear collection, featuring apparel for men and women that is engineered to instantly restore posture, relieve neck tension, and improve breathing. The collection was developed by a veteran orthopedic surgeon, Stephen Liu, MD.

IFGfit’s dynamic apparel instantly improves the wearer’s posture, mobility, and breathing by incorporating an FDA-registered patented technology with unique fabric construction referred to as Posture, Performance and Recovery (PPR®). PPR® uses a series of engineered fabrics to power IFGfit’s apparel without compromising design, comfort, or fit. Products include athletic postural bras, tee shirts, shorts, and leggings for women, as well as tee shirts, polo shirts, and shorts for men.

IFGfit is the first activewear collection that improves posture directly through wear. Products are designed for active or daily wear, and to improve posture and body mechanics. These versatile products can be used by everyday professionals at work as well as athletes during training, or post-workout to accelerate recovery.

Wearers of IFGfit’s apparel report feeling taller, more comfortable, and being able to breathe deeper, while their bodies are gently placed into alignment without compression and reducing tension from the head and neck. Over time and through regular wear, IFGfit can decrease pain, improve shoulder and rib cage mobility and enhance breathing in athletes, the elderly, and those affected by spinal irregularities. 

“The unique engineered inner and outer fabric construction allows the body to feel strong and poised during training and physical activity, and subsequently provides the essential recovery effects that the body needs,” states Dr. Liu. “It’s apparel with benefits; take care of yourself first.”

IFGfit is available online on the brand’s e-commerce site. Prices range from USD 88- USD 218. Wear it, you’ll love it! http://www.ifgfit.com

Led by orthopedic surgeon Dr Stephen Liu, MD, IFGfit, which stands for “I Feel Good,” is the first postural activewear brand to merge activity and recovery capabilities in apparel. Since its inception in 2017, the brand has sought to create the dynamic activewear category by re-working and re-thinking the foundation of clothing – fabric. With the invention of a patented engineered fabric construction called PPR®, which stands for Posture, Performance and Recovery, IFGfit is committed to designing clothing for people to enhance their everyday lives, recover faster and live better.


Our apparel tech powered by PPR® blends science and fashion to create “apparel experiences” to improve physical wellness and mental energy. We have developed garments that integrate our patented technology which naturally induces posture improvement with continuous comfort and aids in the recovery process. Engineered with durable, elegant fabrics for work and play, our products will help you look taller, breathe easier, and feel more confident.