Schmitz Textiles at Techtexil 2019

Pioneering textile for soft-tops

From intelligent woven textiles for automotive, aircraft and rail to sound absorbers and outdoor fabrics: Schmitz Textiles is presenting its expertise in textiles.

Bliss turns heads on any yacht – here, in the colour “Sailor Blue” © swela

 The company’s competence is reflected in its high-quality, German-made products marketed under the three brands mobiltex, drapilux and swela. The fabrics are endowed with intelligent functions and protective properties.

mobiltex: Automotive intelligence for Germany

An important USP for mobiltex, which specialises in textile solutions for cars, commercial vehicles, trains, aviation, industry and transport, are its custom-made products. The further development of existing textiles gives rise to bespoke solutions that can be scaled up for production. A product highlight at the fair is a completely new fabric for convertible soft-tops known as mobiltex 388.

It is characterised by significantly fewer “white marks”, kink folds, crow’s feet, displaced threads and sink marks than comparable fabrics on the market. In addition, excellent resilience guarantees a long-term, precision fit on the supporting frame. This new development also creates business opportunities for the automotive industry: special measures such as fold retainers or pads are rendered superfluous, and processing times are reduced. Moreover, batch sizes and lead times can be enhanced, with additional potential for savings arising from width optimisation. The manufacturer is also making a contribution to sustainability among others as the fabric is recyclable.

mobiltex has been assigned a role in the future of transportation: Together with Texat decor engineering, the brand has developed blind systems that can do much more than conventional models: The flame-resistant screen textiles are designed with air-purifying, antimicrobial and sound-absorbing properties.

swela: furniture covers, screen fabrics, sun protection

swela, a leading brand of textiles for sun protection, outdoor textile covers and maritime fabrics, is showing a range of new outdoor furniture fabrics in Frankfurt as part of the cielo collection, available in a wide variety of colours. Thirty-six, Loft, Twist, Bliss and Grid are all weatherproof and mould-resistant textiles made from finished, high-tech polyester, suitable for boats, yachts and deckchairs as well as blinds and pergolas. Attention at the fair will also focus on the versatile textile vuscreen – a light- and air-permeable screen textile made from high-tech polyester – as well as sunvas Perla FR and Outguard FR – halogen-free and flame-retardant textiles for exterior sun protection in public spaces, also available in a wide selection of colours.

drapilux: Acoustic solutions for modern architecture

Textile manufacturer drapilux features Soundwise, bringing flexible elements to the market that not only improve acoustics, but can also be incorporated into existing architectural structures, whilst offering completely new design opportunities. The acoustic impact of Soundwise has been tested and confirmed in laboratory trials. The washable fabric covers of the sound absorbers are designed with additional smart functions.

Schmitz Textiles Hall 3.0 Booth G67at Techtextil/Texprocess, Frankfurt on the Main (May 2019 14 – 17, 2019)