The Recycle Factory – Recover

Since 1947 third-generation family business Recovertex has been pioneering the production of sustainable materials through mechanical recycling.

The Process

At Recovertex (Hilaturas Ferre Spain) the metals are taken out of the old jeans consisting of more than 96% cotton. They are shredded until they resemble a blueish version of virgin cotton. All the water, energy and manual labour needed to grow virgin cotton is avoided at this stage and replaced by a minimal amount of energy needed to shred the fabric. During the next stage the shredded material is mixed with organic virgin cotton and spun into a new yarn. Together with Recovertex, we developed a fabric consisting of 40 % recycled post-consumer denim. We do not mean to brag but this is the highest amount out there at the moment. From there on it is sent to their neighbouring fabric mill Tejidos Royo where the yarn is dyed and woven into fabric.

Recycling of Jeans

Fabric collection

Recovertex works with brands and companies to collect fabric waste in order to recycle it to new yarns. Their yarns have scored highest in the Higg Material Sustainability Index, which means they are free from hazardous substances and exceed the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and Reach compliance standards. So no need to worry, the preloved denim that our fibre is made of is nothing but good for the wearer and the environment.

Recycle Tour

In 2016 we went on a roadtrip to deliver the first badge of old MUD Jeans to the recycle factory. Have a look inside the factory:

The video clip can be seen here

It is also worthwhile to visit the website of the Spanish company and see another