10th Bangladesh Denim Expo

The 10th edition of the Bangladesh Denim Expo is fast approaching (May 2 – 3, 2019) ,  set out to be a hit both nationally and worldwide, along with another groundbreaking round of the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit

Bound to further the role Bangladesh plays in world apparel and with “Circularity” as its main theme, the show will  also be the backdrop of the Bangladesh Fashionology summit, which will be dedicated to the role of technology and innovation in fashion.

A glimpse of the exhibition

The Bangladesh Denim Expo (02-03 May 2019, International Convention City Bashundara), now at its 10th edition,  was created by the visionary mind of Md. Mostafiz Uddin and in the course of a dazzling decade has gained momentum, consistently exceeding all expectations.

Over the last five years, major awareness was raised around the Bangladesh Denim Expo whilst top players witnessed the evolution of Bangladesh’s role in the fashion market, becoming the second largest garment manufacturing hub globally. The country saw the growth of export both to Europe and the US, bound to reach even higher numbers as the go-to market for denim sourcing thanks to an improved technology in fabrics manufacturing and higher safety standards.

“Circularity” as main theme, worldwide exhibitors and sharing knowledge

This time around, the show will be hosting 63 exhibitors, representing the very best from the local and international denim community.

Taking centre stage as running theme will be “Circularity” – a concept on which both the future of the planet and textile industry depend. In fact, the garment industry is one of the leading contributors to the rapid deterioration of our environment, thus calling for a circular business model that can only be achieved by instigating change in the whole process of the supply chain, from design to production to communication.

The Bangladesh Denim Expo firmly believes that, for a better future, the denim industry must adapt and instill the key principles of circularity throughout the product life cycle:

•             Design of product for longevity, considering resource efficiency, biodegradability and recyclability.

•             Produce efficiently, ethically and with regard for the environment.

•             Wherever possible reuse, recycle, repurpose any waste product.

As it tackles an ongoing and critical issue, the Bangladesh Denim Expo promises to be another successful hit, providing answers and solutions with a renewed offer featuring a series of seminar and workshop sessions in a 2-day packed agenda, that will also feature the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.


The first edition of the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit took place in February 2018 thanks to the participation of 17 top class international experts, who shared their knowledge and insights on the latest apparel technologies with an audience of 450+ key decision makers from local Bangladesh apparel industry.

As the meeting ground for the world’s top thinkers, innovators, technology disruptors from the global fashion industry, the Summit finds its rightful place in the Bangladesh Denim Expo with both events presenting deeply intertwined themes.

This year the theme will revolve around “Digitalisation – the Next Destination”, bringing to focus how digital and technologic advances are impacting the apparel industry and how the entire business must act to respond to this changing landscape. In a scenario constantly looking for sustainable solutions, technology and digitalization are certainly an important part of how circularity can be further developed.

A panel discussion and its audience at a former event

Perfect embodiment of the “technology theme” will be a Digital Tech Runway Show where tech fashion designers from around the world will showcase their fashion & tech outfits. The show will also feature, for the first time ever, a tech outfit made in Bangladesh.

The Runway Show

The Summit will provide a Tech Innovation Zone (Tech Innovators: Trustrace, Shimmy Technologies, Infinited Fibre, Seachange Technologies, Reverse Resource) in collaboration with Fashion For Good, a platform for innovators to meet with the other components of the eco system, and an Exhibition Zone (Exhibitors: Pivot88, Lectra, Sindabad.com, Pacfic Associates, Earlycavehuman, Foursource Group GmbH, A2i-Access to Information, GoBlu, Rudholm Group, QuizRR, BRAC, SNV, SR Asia, Swiss Contact) for companies to showcase their latest innovations, paying special attention to information sharing, with 5 learning sessions exploring the many was technology can support the fashion industry.

“As the world goes digital, and the industry becomes circular, our apparel industry cannot afford to stay behind,” claims Md. Mostafiz Uddin, CEO and Founder of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), “this is why, both the Summit, and the Expo are an important chance for our country to set an example for the rest of the world on how sustainable and technological development goals and business profit motives can work hand in hand to create a better future for all economic sectors and people.”

Bangladesh Fashionology Summit sponsors and partners:


Title Sponsor – Pacific Jeans In Association with – Pivot88

Platinum – KDS, Pioneer Denim

Gold Sponsors – C&A Foundation, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Bangladesh Silver Sponsors – Sindabad. com, Standard Chartered Bank, PHP Family, Gerber Technology Session Sponsors – Lectra, BRAC, Pacific Associates ltd

Collaboration Partners

H&M, C&A Sourcing, Marks & Spencer (M&S), Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA), Embassy of Denmark to Bangladesh, A2i-Access to Information, International Apparel Federation (IAF), Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) + Higg Index, Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbei (GIZ), Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People’s Republic  of Bangladesh Cabinet Division, ICT Division, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Bangladesh Denim Expo is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, specifically established to act as a hub where key denim industry players can congregate and share their passion for denim. Launched in November 2014 by the visionary idea of Md. Mostafiz Uddin to create an international cutting-edge denim community in Bangladesh, the Expo takes place two times each year and has shown an incredible and constant increase in numbers since then.

Visitors have increased from 2,601 the first year to 5540 registered for the 9th edition (November 2018). Participating companies have increased from 843 the first year to 1018 in the 9th edition (November 2018).