Turkish EFFE Endustri offers sustainable solutions to the textile industry

EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S. provides innovative and sustainable solutions in textile industry for enterprises that have wide range of manufacturing activities from spinning to garment in order to get them provide high value added goods and services in competitive market conditions and minimize their manufacturing cost.

Thanks to its state of art and user friendly solutions for end user customers domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers and its experience in machine manufacturing, EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S., has become one of Turkey’s and the World’s leading machine and machine accessories manufacturer in a short time. While units and equipment manufactured by EFFE can be used as individual solutions, the equipments can also be used as improvement, development and modification applications on various machines. Especially, thanks to Stenter, Drying, Compacting and Printing machine modification applications, an increase in production and quality is achieved while reducing energy costs.

EFFE Production Line

EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S. has the vision of designing, developing and manufacturing industrial machinery and equipment which has not been designed or manufactured before in Turkey or in the World that might be needed by customers and other machinery manufacturers. EFFE implements various projects to lift the machinery technology in Turkey to the highest level possible by carrying out R&D projects with machinery and equipment manufacturers in dfferent industries and end users of these machines and with contributions of various multinational companies. As of April 2016, EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S. continues its activities in its new and modern manufacturing plant, with high technological investments, in order to produce new R&D projects, improve the product and service quality it provides to its customers with different machine designs, and a wide range of products. It is on its way to become one the leaders in the market.

The EFFE Management Team

The company’s mission

  • To be beneficial to customers’ and country’s economy with designs and applications which determine the agenda, not just follow it
  • To have a more say on international market.
  • To provide increased production and reduced cost of process and energy.
  • To plan and apply necessary actions with targeting high productivity.
  • To maximize personal development with continuing education activities.
  • To be best in the industry through gaining the continued and very satisfied customer with increased customer satisfaction

Ideal Solution for Increased area utilisation in factories

EFFE PASHA third generation Stenter

Effe PASHA stenter machine continues to offer solutions according to customer’s needs. Stenter machine on platform application allows stenter machines to be mounted in factories with limited space. Second of stenter machine on platform application is completed in Bursa, Rabek Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Application is designed with such features as; providing more space by assuring the usage of under the platform, no stretching or physically change of fabric while moving up and down.

Research & Development Centre in Effe Endustri

Private sector R&D Center Configuration has come to life in Turkey, bringing progressive industrial infrastructure, increasing competitiveness, more efficient and higher valued added product manufacturing. Our innovative and developing company had applied to become a R&D Center, provided the terms and after the audit had taken its place in this configuration by 10th of January 2019.

Impressions of the R&D Centre at EFFE

R&D Center Statistics

Total factory area is 10000m².

350 m² of total area is R&D Centre Offices.

250 m² of total area is laboratory, test area, prototype shop.

Total R&D Center area is 600 m².

18 employees in Effe Endustri R&D Center.

There are 1068* R&D Centers in Turkey, having 55.923 employees. **

There are 156 R&D Centers in machine manufacturing sector. **

389 of the R&D Centers are in Istanbul. **

*20 February 2019, TC Ministry of Industry and Technology data.

**31 December 2018, TC Ministry of Industry and Technology, R&D Promotions Head Office data

The company has also an extensive sales network.