Bulgarian HIK-91 company to install Italian Farè Spunbond line

The company HIK-91 has decided to start the production of high performing nonwovens with the purchase of a new Farè spunbond line in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

It is new spunbond line using polyolefin as raw materials for the production of a wide variety of products thanks to the technological solutions implemented by Farè to its recent spunbond lines .

For HIK-91 this is the first step of a growth strategy for innovative nonwovens in its market areas.

HIK-91 has chosen Farè as partner for this new industrial investment after a careful survey of the spunbond process available where the high performance of premium products, the energy saving and the flexibility of the line to produce different webs are key winning factors of Farè technology.

Farè will supply to HIK-91 the equipment for the production of spunbond from light to medium weight webs covering nonwovens from hygiene to agriculture to industrial applications.

This will allow HIK-91 to enter with a leading position in high demanding markets with Farè line thanks to its innovative solutions.

The line will start the production on the first quarter 2020.

Farè was established over 40 years ago as manufacturer of machinery for the artificial and synthetic fibres industry.

Since then, our reputation as pioneer in synthetic fibres processing has grown more and more. Today, our company is esteemed and well known in the market of fibres processing and we count more than 400 industrial lines running worldwide and based on FARE’ state-of-the-art technology.

Farè is focused on a policy of integration and diversification and is today in the position to design and supply turnkey equipment and complete plants with production technology resulting in fibres and nonwovens of excellent quality complying with high efficiency standards and reduced manufacturing costs.

Farè can offer a professional service tailored to Customers’ needs starting from the feasibility study by a qualified technical department, up to erection, start-up and personnel training by skilled mechanical and electronic engineers, besides a prompt after sale service for spare parts or any technical advice.