SEAQUAL™, the new eco-friendly fibre achieved by recycling plastic waste from the ocean, reveals its ambitions in Première Vision in Paris, France

Spanish manufacturers SEAQUAL 4U will be presenting SEAQUAL™: new fibres, yarns and fabrics achieved with raw materials from the seabed, at the trade fair Première Vision, from September 19-21, 2017

A deep commitment: to remove waste polluting the ocean, including plastic residue that is asphyxiating it

Seaqual 4U created a sensation when first set up in 2016, as the first firm ever to market fibres  created  using  plastic  waste  dredged  from  the  seabed  under  the  brand  name SEAQUAL™. The waste is dredged up by its 400 partner fishing boats. For each kilo of fibre produced, a kilo of waste is removed from the ocean. The stakes are colossal: it has been estimated that 8 million tonnes of detritus end up in the sea each year, of which 80% sinks to the seabed. This pollution is well out of control and is indeed worsening; if we don’t change our habits, there will be a tonne of plastic waste for every three tonnes of fish in our oceans by 2025!

SEAQUAL 4U has developed an encouraging, virtuous chain from fisherman to consumer in which all textile stakeholders (Spinners-Weavers-Brands) are committed  to  cleaning  up marine waste and creating eco-responsible yarn, fibre and fabrics.

The fibre SEAQUAL™ now available as continuous and discontinuous yarn

The range of discontinuous yarn can be developed in counts from nm 10 to nm 70. These can be blended (according to SEAQUAL™’s certification criteria) with natural fibres such as organic cotton, Tencel®, viscose, wool, linen etc. They can also be used alone, in their natural ecru shade, or dyed*.

The new continuous range is available as of now in 50, 78 and 167 decitex. Spinning technologies have enabled developments with air texturisation, false twist texturing, mechanical twisting and elasticisation. Yarns can be mass-dyed or dyed on the bobbin. Suitable for ready-to-wear, beachwear, sportswear, denim and socks, these yarns can be woven, or knitted using circular or seamless machines.

SEAQUAL™ yarn is available only from two licensed spinners:

–              ANTEX (Spain) for continuous yarn (stand PV 6G52),

–              VICH Industrial (Spain) for discontinuous yarn.

While SEAQUAL™ boasts the same properties as fibre achieved with “virgin” polyester, its eco-footprint does not bear comparison. It actively contributes to cleaning the seabed, saving up to 40 % of water and 50% of energy while cutting CO2 emissions by 60 %.

New fabrics combining style and environmental awareness with this eco-friendly fibre

The first fabrics to be achieved using the new eco-friendly fibre SEAQUAL™ will be unveiled at the trade fair Première Vision. Many weavers such as TEXTIL SANTANDERINA-Spain (stand 6D10/6E9), A. SAMPAIO E FILHOS TEXTEIS-Portugal (stand 5P27), SOFILETA-France (stand

6H22-6J17), GENEROS DE PUNTO FABRES-Spain (stand 5P32-5R11), FIERATEX-Greece (stand

5N42), and GIPITEX-Italy (stand 5G9-5F10) have committed to the brand ethos by demonstrating SEAQUAL™’s aesthetic and environmental capabilities.

For the Autumn-Winter 2018/2019 season, TEXTIL SANTANDERINA’s fabrics boast a 360° eco-friendly design, mixing SEAQUAL™’s virtuous properties with other eco-friendly fibres such as REFIBRA™ by LENZING (fibre containing 20% recycled cotton and 80% TENCEL™), recycled cotton and/or linen fibre blends. These woven fabrics cater to the denim, chino and shirting sectors. A. SAMPAIO has developed circular knits for fashion and life style this season. SEAQUAL™ second skin knits by SOFILETA target the beachwear and sportswear markets. Prints steal the show with floral themes in the SEAQUAL™ by GENEROS DE PUNTO FABRES fashion and beachwear range. FIERATEX has combined SEAQUAL™ with cellulose fibres to produce compact knits affording a sleek hand, designed for the clothing market. Ultimate luxury SEAQUAL™ jacquards in Haute Couture style are available this season from the Italian firm GIPITEX.

The environmental qualities and the sense of commitment demonstrated in this virtuous, sustainable development chain will be a major theme at Première Vision Paris, with various stands displaying new fabrics containing SEAQUAL™. ANTEX (stand PV 6G52) has an entire section given over to SEAQUAL®, featuring new fibres and fabrics.

Seaqual 4U was founded in 2016 by three major textile players: the Foundation ECOALF, textile  group SANTANDERINA and spinning mill ANTEX. Its aim is to produce a recycled polyester fibre made from plastic marine waste supporting the UPCYCLING  THE  OCEAN  project.  To  achieve  this,  Seaqual 4U now has a fleet of 165 fishing boats and 1×500 fishermen who go out to sea to clean its depths of pollution. The waste they retrieve is processed to recreate a fibre, then further processed into continuous and discontinuous yarns meeting the requirements of the entire textile industry. Fabrics and garments achieved using this yarn thus contribute to a virtuous, sustainable economy.