Vandewiele showcases at Techtextil in Frankfurt, Germany

VANDEWIELE, the leading supplier of carpet and velvet weaving machines, tufting systems and textile accessories, will show its latest developments of textile products and related machinery on Techtextil in Frankfurt, Germany

Innovations include further developments woven on the JEC award-winning 3D-Lighttrans weaving machine for multi-layer woven panels with integrated stringers, omega-profiles and hollow reinforcements. Composite reinforcements with a thermoplastic matrix – or ‘organosheets’ – which offer reversible deformation and recycling potential in comparison with thermoset composite materials.

Other developments relate to new design possibilities in the field of one piece shoe-weaving, for creating 3D-effects and increased local permeability, in filter applications and in textile reinforced concretes.

Come and visit us at Techtextil 2019 and let us get inspired by each other’s expertise.