Apparel Sourcing Show in Guatemala to highlight Central American manufacturers

An Apparel Sourcing Show will be held in Guatemala City from May 14 – 16, 2019. The show will demonstrate the capabilities of the apparel and textile sectors in Central America. It will showcase the region’s competitive advantage in the face of changing world market trends. It is the only regional platform where all members of the apparel and textile value chain in Central America can present their capabilities to buyers and promote the integration of the supply chain. The trade show will present the latest in supply chain enhancements, including innovations that optimize time and resources, technical developments in cotton fabrics, intelligent technology in synthetic fabrics and recycling and regeneration processes for sustainable garments.

The exhibition floor will feature 200 exhibitors, representing the entire supply chain, including raw materials and finishings, textiles, packaging, shipping, technology and machinery. Textile exhibitors will make up 39 per cent of the exhibitors, finishing and sewing machinery will constitute 20 per cent of vendors and the rest will be made up of clothing, services and accessories companies. Half of the exhibitors will be expected to be from countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, the United States, Turkey, Canada, China, Korea, Brazil, Spain and Peru, among others.