XAAR 1201-based Printers get rave reviews at Graphic Shows in China

The versatility of the Xaar 1201 printhead was evident with orders for over 120 Xaar 1201-based printers being taken at two of the leading signage and graphics exhibitions held in China this month – DPES Huaqiao 2019 Print Expo and the 27th Shanghai Ad & Sign Expo (APPPEXPO).

  Refretonic 8 printhead Xaar 1201 dye sub printer printing on to dye sublimation paper

On display in over 25 different printer models, the Xaar 1201 printhead’s suitability for use with different ink types and ability to support a wide range of applications, was clearly shown by eight Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including Xuli and Refretonic, who both had dedicated Xaar zones on their stands. Alongside the printers and printheads, Xaar 1201 electronics, eight-printhead plates and numerous accessories were also on display, highlighting the complete support network being created jointly by Xaar, Haocheng and its OEM partners.

Close up of the dye sublimation paper

The Xaar 1201 printhead’s technology has helped OEMs make an effective move to digital textile printing. Its Thin Film Piezo Silicon Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS) technology, alongside the capability to jet Eco-Solvent, UV curable, aqueous and pigmented inks, makes it one of the most versatile printheads in the market.

For the past two years, Haocheng, the master distributor of the Xaar 1201 in Greater China Region, has been working closely with Xaar to develop an extensive support network to deliver a printhead that guarantees consistent print quality and provides the most reliable solutions for the OEMs.

Machine info

Leon Wu, General Manager of HaoCheng said; “Built on innovative technologies, the Xaar 1201 is the market’s most versatile printhead. During the two years we have worked with Xaar, the printhead has been increasingly adopted by printer manufacturers and end-users. Our support ecosystem, built jointly by Xaar, Haocheng and other partners through the supply chain, lets OEMs explore the extensive application capabilities of the printhead in the fast-developing printing market.”

Xaar 1201 printhead

“We are pleased to see that our advanced Xaar 1201 printhead has received overwhelmingly positive feedback during the two exhibitions,” said Gary Jenno, Senior Product Manager of Xaar, “Xaar not only provides cutting-edge technology printheads, but also supports a fully resourced ecosystem that allows Chinese OEMs to shorten their time to market.

“We are looking forward to seeing the textile printers evolve in the hands of the OEMs later this year in both China and our other markets and Xaar will be exhibiting at ITMA in Barcelona, Spain in June, where visitors will be able to see more of the Xaar 1201’s versatility and a range of printed samples.”



1.            Refretonic 8 printhead Xaar 1201 dye sub printer printing on to dye sublimation paper

2.            Close up of the dye sublimation paper

3.            Machine info

4.            Xaar 1201 printhead