Surface preparation for automotive composite parts reduced by over 90 % announced at JEC World in Paris, France

Oxford Advanced Surfaces Limited (OAS), innovative experts in surface treatment, and Polkima A.S. announced at JEC that they have signed a supply agreement for OAS’s Onto™ product. The use of Onto™ in Polkima’s production process will reduce surface preparation time by 90%, speeding up this part of the production process 10-fold, leading to significant cost savings as well as faster processing and improved quality.

Working with spray

Polkima is an industry leader in Turkey in the manufacture of composite components for commercial vehicles and off-highway vehicles OEM’s, and a leading innovator in production methods and processes. Polkima will implement the use of Onto™ in surface preparation for the painting of composite components initially for commercial vehicles.

The incorporation of Onto™ into the production process will remove the requirement for sanding prior to painting. Sanding or abrasion as a surface preparation is slow and labour intensive, risks damaging parts (over-sanding produces scrap parts) and dirty (all the dust that is removed needs to be extracted and workers need to wear respiration PPE).

Jon-Paul Griffiths, Oxford Advanced Surfaces Managing Director, said: “This Supply Agreement demonstrates a significant step forward in the continued commercialisation of our Onto™ surface treatment technology into volume manufacturing and transportation. We welcome the opportunity to partner with Polkima and we look forward to developing the relationship further.”

Anthony Gallia, Polkima Chairman, said: “Onto™ will enable us to reduce the labour time required to prepare parts for painting by 90 %, with a huge cost saving. This allows a significant productivity improvement in our ability to paint composite parts.”

The unique patented technology of Onto™ has already been proven in demanding applications in automotive, transportation, motorsport, defence and sporting goods, and is specifically designed to exploit the maximum potential of modern materials. It provides a practical approach to surface preparation that reduces processing time, reduces cost, improves adhesion, and is easily repeatable.

Onto™ removes all the current issues with surface preparation with a simple process that works for composites and a wide range of engineering plastics.


  1. Oxford Advanced Surfaces, a spin-out from The University of Oxford, are world leaders in non-abrasive surface preparation of composites and plastics for adhesive bonding and painting through their Onto™ range of adhesion promoters.
  2. Onto™ removes all these issues in a simple process. The Onto™ products have been developed to work with composites, as well as a wide range of engineering plastics. It is equally effective on materials that are difficult to bond or coat, such as PA (nylon) or PEEK.
  3. Within reason, there are no time limits of the surface activity when using Onto™, allowing materials to be treated efficiently in batches and then used over a period of weeks or months.
  4. Onto™ products are available in spray and brush formulations, so are suitable adhesive bonding or painting and lacquering applications Onto™ is suitable for use in both manual and automated processes.
  5. OAS’ solutions include:
  6. Promoting the adhesion of paints, and coatings, reducing or removing other surface preparations.
  7. Promoting adhesion between the substrate and adhesive to create a stronger bonded assembly.
  8. Surface e treatments work with GRP, CFRP, SMC, Phenolic, PI, PA (PA/ASA, PA/ABS Terblends®), PEEK, PPA, PPS, UHMWPE, etc.

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