Beaulieu Fibres global “one stop shop for innovative and value added staple fibres” at IDEA®19 Miami, Florida

  • Global launch of PET-core-BICO Fibres for hygiene applications
  • American premiere of UltraBond fibre
  • Booth 1716, IDEA, Miami, U.S.A., 25-28 March 25 – 28, 2019

Beaulieu Fibres International (BFI), the leading European polyolefin fibre supplier, will cement its place at this year’s IDEA®19 Miami, as an important ‘all solution provider’ for polyolefin carded nonwovens in Personal Care and Hygiene, Geotextiles, Automotive, Floorcoverings and Filtration applications.

At this leading North American event BFI will launch its PET-core-BICO Fibres for hygiene applications as well as its new UltraBond staple fibre, again demonstrating its commitment to help customers stay at the forefront of carded nonwoven products.

Recent BFI investments have enlarged the company’s product range, further helping producers to maximize value from their production equipment and to pursue exciting opportunities in emerging areas.

Highlights for IDEA19 visitors include:

PET-core-BICO Fibres launch and complete Meralux range on display

IDEA19 will see the global premiere of PET-core-BICO for hygiene applications. This staple fibre completes the offer for the hygiene market. It comes in a dtex range from 1,3-6,7dtex/40mm in both polymer-configurations PP/PET and PE/PET. The specific use of PET in the core improves the resilience/loft of the nonwoven. The use of PE in the sheath provides softness as required in top sheets, for example, while the configuration with PP in the sheath answers the requirements for ultrasonic bonding.

Also on display will be the complete range of Meralux-fibres, bicomponent fibres with a special cross section shape that combines good coverage and better liquid management in one staple fibre. This enables a higher loft/bulk, unique opacity and enhanced fluid distribution, providing significant improvements to the dryness of nonwoven for hygiene and medical applications.

American premiere of UltraBond fibre

For the first time in North America, BFI will be showcasing UltraBond, a new, unique fibre created for automotive and flooring needlepunch applications. A patented polyolefin bonding staple fibre, UltraBond eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bind nonwovens, providing significant sustainability and cost efficiency benefits.

The staple fibre is already showing potential as a replacement for traditional binders like PE and low melt PET included in Carpet Backing, Contract Carpet, Outdoor/Residential Carpet and in automotive applications.

Karena Cancilleri, Vice President Engineered Products, Beaulieu Fibres International, comments, “Together with our customers, we look forward to exploring the potential of this unique thermal bonding fibre in other applications such as laminated nonwovens or as an alternative to dry powders.”