Free Webinar on ISO 14001:2015 by thinkstep (March 6, 2019)

In 2015, ISO 14001 on environmental management systems (EMS) added a new and mandatory requirement for organizations to consider their environmental aspects from a life cycle perspective to help them identify and prioritize environmental hotspots for improvement. With a quarter century of experience putting life cycle thinking into practice, thinkstep is uniquely positioned to assist organizations in meeting this new requirement.

This webinar will outline how thinkstep can help different organizations meet the ISO requirements in a way that best fits their individual situation and budget.

Why join the webinar:

•             Learn about different approaches that meet or exceed the ISO 14001:2015 requirement as it relates to Life Cycle Thinking

•             Choose the approach that best fits your organizational goals, timeline and budget

•             Stand on the shoulders of giants by leveraging the combined experience of one of the world’s largest and oldest dedicated life cycle management consultancies

When: March 6th, 4 – 5 pm CET

Speaker: Christoph Koffler, Principal Consultant, thinkstep AG

Registration can be had here

Costs: This webinar is free

*Unable to join? Register for the webinar and receive the presentation slides and a recording of the webinar via email after the webinar!