eShakti FX: Change Your Style With A Click – and see Designs Morph!

Today, February 5, 2019 eShakti, the leading women’s fashion brand offering custom sizes and styles, announces the launch of a proprietary customization feature called eShakti FX that allows customers to drastically change the style of any garment – with a click of a mouse.

eShakti FX allows customers to alter neckline, sleeve and hem length – with the ability to see the changes happen in real time. A hundred unique styles are possible from a single garment – consumers can look at each one individually and decide which is the most personally flattering.

eShakti offers the customer both standard US sizes, as well as the option of custom sizes and styles. Because no two women are exactly same size, shape and height, nor do they have the same style preferences, the antiquated industry scale of putting women into a groups on a size-chart, leaves many customers with dissonance post-purchase.

eShakti empowers women to create clothing made exclusively for them.  eShakti FX takes a new bold step forward, giving our customer an absolute choice  –  seeing the style and detail she desires appear before her.

“When we first launched over 10 years ago, we knew that standard US sizes and styles-as-shown were not meeting the needs of majority of customers,” says, B G Krishnan, Founder & CEO of eShakti. “We were ahead of our time then, and continue to be now. With eShakti FX, we have taken the customer experience to a whole new level that most customers would never have dreamed of!” he continues.

eShakti –Shakti, meaning female power in Sanskrit – has been squarely focused on giving the consumer the power to get exactly what she would like at a price that is accessible. The price range is moderate, making it attainable for women everywhere. Simply put, it allows women to express themselves. And, hundreds of thousands of customers have done just. They continue to be our most powerful ambassadors, sharing their discovery and purchases with friends, on social media and online.

With new, fashion-forward designs launched every day, eShakti is revolutionizing the industry with uniquely customizable fashion available at affordable prices, all delivered within 13-17 days.

Every eShakti product is offered in sizes XS – 6X (0 – 36W) and takes height into account. Together, it empowers every woman, regardless of shape or size, to feel chic, comfortable and confident every day.

The eShakti FX feature is available now online at

eShakti is an online retailer of women’s fashion clothing offering a unique customer benefit: customization of size and style, delivering unparalleled fit at affordable prices. eShakti’s styles are distinctive – with classic as well as contemporary and bohemian styles under three brands – eShakti, Zapelle and Wayward Fancies – feminine details and dressmaker finishes for a modern customer. Styles come in a wide array of fabrics and colors in sizes 0 through 36. In Sanskrit, Shakti means power. eShakti empowers women to choose the fit, color, size and styles that suit them. Our custom capabilities allow shoppers to tailor any item to their specific tastes such as changing neckline, sleeve or hem, or tweaking the measurements to ensure a flattering fit. Visitors experience a user-friendly site where ordering custom clothes is almost as easy as ordering off-the-rack clothes (indeed eShakti offers both off-the-rack and custom clothing). eShakti appears to have found something all women love – they share their purchases online with each other, write blogs and interact with eShakti taking `ownership’ for it. This relationship with the customer is one eShakti values above all since eShakti is not just customer-centric but customer-driven!