WFSGI and ISPO announce partnership to provide a global Labelling Requirements Database

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) teams up with ISPO to enable the greatest possible number of businesses to benefit from its shared global labelling database.

Robbert De Kock, President & CEO of the WFSGI.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ISPO and to make our best-in-class labelling solution available to as many users as possible. With this new partnership, we can help more companies deal with the ever-changing and challenging product labelling requirements. Why go it alone when we can save time and money together? We invite all interested brands, across all sectors, to contact us to get access to this unique tool and take advantage of economies of scale “, said Robbert De Kock, President & CEO of the WFSGI.

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO Messe München and responsible for the ISPO Group says: “As a long-term partner of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) we are very pleased to strengthen our relationships with this cooperation. The ISPO Group as the world’s largest sports network with a year-round communication platform can expand this service to manufacturers and brands worldwide. It is a great service for all brands reducing costs and risks on an international level. Thus every subscriber will benefit from it.

Officially launched this autumn, the WFSGI Compliant Labelling Requirements (CLR) Database has already proven its value, involving asics, BMC Switzerland, Canyon Bicycles, Columbia Sportswear, HEAD Sport GmbH, IIC-INTERSPORT International Corporation, New Balance Athletics, Nike, Pentland Brands, Sport 2000 International GmbH, Under Armour, and VF Corporation. This collaborative effort has already convinced several partners such as the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) which represents enterprises located in America, to offer this service to its members.

 The beauty of the system is that it gives companies up-to-date information on global labelling requirements in” JUST 3 CLICKS”, helping them to avoid lost selling time and potential costly re-work, stop ships, product recalls, and ultimately revenue and brand damage.

 Through this amazing resource, companies have direct access to labeling requirements, for both products [(i.e. apparel and textile, footwear, consumer electronics (wearables), personal protective equipment, sporting equipment and bikes (including e-bikes)] and packaging, covering 49 different countries around the world.

 The WFSGI CLR Database is powered by C2P, Compliance & Risks’ knowledge management platform.

“By bringing pioneering technology and content together in the WFSGI CLR Database, ISPO member companies and others will benefit from not just substantial cost savings, but also their teams become much more efficient and effective in their roles”, commented Jim Costello, Chairman and Chief Executive of Compliance & Risks.

“Non-compliance costs are often hidden in a company’s profit and loss accounts, purely because of the nature of the expenses such as lost key season selling time, wasted man hours searching for regulations, and re-labelling. The WFSGI CLR Database allows companies to proactively reduce these costs and move to a more innovative approach in how they do their work.”

The WFSGI is the world authoritative body for the sports industry officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the industry representative within the Olympic Family. The WFSGI is an independent association with no objective of economic character for its own gain and formed by sports and sports-inspired leisure brands, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, national/regional federations, industry and trade associations and all sporting goods industry related businesses. Our purpose is to represent and inspire the industry, to invest in innovation, promote physical activity, support free trade and do business in an ethical and sustainable way. As part of our mission we facilitate legally permissible communication and cooperation to enhance competitiveness and innovation. We seek to positively influence the way our products are manufactured, with a focus on people involved in the manufacturing and the environment. Our members are steering the direction of the industry. The future of the sporting goods industry begins with the professional networks that we support.