Austrian MCI concludes deal with top University in Hong Kong

Entrepreneurial School® collaborates with internationally top-ranked university

The new year begins at MCI with a highlight of extra class. The Entrepreneurial School® in Innsbruck has just signed an agreement with the highly renowned Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The content of the agreement is the exchange of students. MCI is thus continuing its international success story: The MCI is one of the leading universities in German-speaking countries with regard to partner universities, double-degree agreements and exchange study places and is also one of the exclusive universities with the worldwide AACSB accreditation as a top business school.

This collaboration was initiated through biochemist Reinhard Renneberg, who works at the Department of Chemistry of the HKUST and is a visiting professor at MCI. His extensive book “Biotechnology for Beginners” has been standard reading for biotechnology students for many years.

HKUST is considered one of the best universities in Asia. It was founded in 1991 and is one of the younger universities of the former British Crown Colony. HKUST is a campus university limited to a single location. In total, around 15,500 students study at the university, many of whom live directly on campus. The HKUST has excellent ranking results; For example, it is the world number one in the Times Higher Education Young University Ranking, which specializes in recently founded universities . HKUST also ranks first in the QS Global Joint EMBA Ranking 2017 and in the Financial Times Global EMBA ranking of the 2018.

The Hong Kong metropolis of seven-million inhabitants is one of the economic core regions of not only China or Asia, but now the whole world. It is located in the mouth of the Pearl River and is a special administrative area of the People’s Republic of China. Until 1997, the city was a British Crown Colony; even after it became a Chinese territory, the free market economy and a high degree of internal autonomy could be maintained. Population growth and the lack of buildable land around Hong Kong led to large-scale land reclamation from the sea and the emergence of a skyline of skyscrapers.

Andreas Altmann, Rector of the MCI, is delighted with the new partner university: “Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is at pinnacle in Asia and worldwide. It is a huge opportunity for MCI students to spend their semester abroad in Hong Kong as well as other top universities. The personal experience, the international brand and the networks gained are virtually priceless.”

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