BASF opens first phase of the new antioxidants manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China

  • World-scale plant with a capacity of 42000 tons p.a.
  • Chinese market offers significant growth opportunities

On January 23, 2019 BASF inaugurated a new, world-scale antioxidants manufacturing plant at its Caojing site in Shanghai, China. With an annual capacity of 42000 tons, the plant will produce antioxidants and associated forms and blends for the plastic additives market. The units for powder blending, liquid antioxidants and form-giving are now operational as part of the plant’s first phase.

The inauguration of BASF’s new antioxidants manufacturing plant in Shanghai. From left to right: Hermann Althoff (Senior Vice President, Performance Chemicals Asia Pacific, BASF), Jinhua Hou (Vice Chairman of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administration Committee), Markus Kamieth (Member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF), Jing Ma (Chairman of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administration Committee), Stephan Kothrade (President Functions Asia Pacific, President and Chairman Greater China, BASF), Anup Kothari (President, Performance Chemicals, BASF)

“With this investment, we strengthen our position as the leading global supplier of antioxidants,” said Dr Markus Kamieth, Member of the Board of Directors, BASF SE. “Asia is the world’s largest antioxidants market and China accounts for almost 65 % of the market in Asia. We expect the market will show attractive growth rates in the medium to long term.”

“BASF wants to be the leading chemicals supplier for our customers,” said Dr Stephan Kothrade, President, Functions Asia Pacific, President and Chairman Greater China, BASF. “By investing in advanced production plants in China, we want to anticipate and fulfil our customers’ needs even better. We will combine our unique expertise in the chemical industry with our customers’ competencies, and jointly develop solutions that are both profitable and responsible.”

Located at BASF’s Caojing site in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, the new plant will benefit from its proximity to BASF’s regional research and development centre in Shanghai; a hub that provides technical support to polymer producers across the region.

Importance of antioxidants

Antioxidants help prevent thermal oxidation reactions when plastics are processed at high temperatures. Oxidation can cause the loss of impact strength, elongation, surface cracks and discoloration of the material. Almost all polymer materials undergo oxidative degradation reactions at one or all of the manufacturing, processing and end-use stages.

BASF runs a global production network and is the only supplier of plastic additives with production sites in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

BASF is a leading supplier, manufacturer and innovation partner of plastic additives. Its comprehensive and innovative product portfolio includes stabilizers which provide ease in processing, heat and light resistance to a variety of polymers and applications including moulded articles, films, fibres, sheets and extruded profiles.