DOMOTEX 2019 goes digital!

In keeping with its CREATE’N’CONNECT keynote theme, DOMOTEX 20 will feature from January 11-14, 2019 smart digital tools for visualizing, creating and connecting carpets and floor coverings.
These advanced digital solutions include everything from VR and AR applications to specialized visualization technologies for the entire marketing mix, to software applications designed to help end customers select patterns and collections.
Exhibitors such as the young tech company Visionme from Hannover, Leap Tools from Toronto or the companies ESIGN und Active Online present partially in a joint display innovative visualization software and data management solutions for the flooring industry. In this context, do not miss the lecture “The Flooring Consumer of Tomorrow” by Pawel Rajszel (CEO Roomvo, Leap Tools) on January 11th.
Furthermore, the topic of Building Information Modeling (BIM) will be presented at the DOMOTEX symposium „Architektur im Dialog“ – a focus topic that is more up-to-date than ever! “What we’re seeing is a completely new way of working. On the one hand, it’s opening up new opportunities and new freedoms„ but on the other, it spells major change in terms of our thinking and creative processes as architects.” says architect Martin Murphy from Hamburg, who sheds light on the subject of BIM.