Dilo’s look back and ahead

Dilo reported for 30 years about events of the last year, which have been of special interest for the DiloGroup. The year 2018 has been marked, like the preceding years from 2015 through 2017, by an above average production of complete nonwoven production lines. In the important branch of nonwoven production by water-entangling our high speed crosslapper of the model series «Hyperlayer» has proven its potential. These crosslappers can realise the specific requirements for the ratio of longitudinal to cross strength at high production speeds. Our Hyperlayer technology will be on display for presentations and trials in the research centre of Messrs. Trützschler in Egelsbach in April 2019.

Since the foundation of Dilo Incorporated in Charlotte, NC, in 1983. Dilo has established subsidiaries for sales and service in important markets. There are now well-set offices in Charlotte, Shanghai, Moscow and Istanbul. The Indian market also shows good prospects for the production of needled nonwovens. This has been our incentive to found the Dilo India Private Limited in Gurgaon south of New Delhi which was officially inaugurated on November 15, 2018.

As the most important textile machinery exhibition in the world, ITMA, will be held in Barcelona next year from 20 to 26 June, we want to invite you to save time for a visit by revealing details of the planned exhibits. On a space of about 1150 m², we will once again present a complete nonwoven production line with fibre opening and blending, carding, crosslapping and needling. This line will comprise the latest results of our R&D, which we will present as components, and explain with the aid of animated graphics: Numerous design improvements of DiloTemafa components aim at fibre opening, specifically fine opening and dedusting during fibre separation. In the field of pneumatic fibre transport a new sensor system and software «DI-LOWATT» allows considerable energy savings. «Hyperpunch Alpha» is a needleloom development based on our Hyperpunch kinematics which allows a cost-efficient remote adjustment of the horizontal stroke. Isofeed is a method to even out mass irregularities in the flock mat for card feeding. This improves web uniformity by up to ca. 40 %. The modified card feeder VRSP «Topfeeder» applies a fine opening stage after the infeed. In comparison to existing stitching patterns, our new needleboard

The new Hyperpunch System

“Univance” the universal needle system

«Univance» will provide a more regular felt surface with drastically reduced tracking marks over a wider range of advances per stroke. Our developments have led to a new needleboard design which offers an easy method to use needle modules as a prerequisite for high density needling. This «container board» for «microneedling» will be on display as part of a DI-LOOM Cyclopunch. The new «3D-Lofter» has been developed to needle 3D webs which have been formed by single web formers to reduce fibre consumption. Applications are in the field of moulded automotive interior parts, moulded technical felts, up- holstery and mattress components. Apart from these highlights modern oper- ating and smart technology applications for easier line operation with reference to «Industry 4.0» will be presented. All in all many good reasons to visit Dilo at ITMA (June 20-26, 2019 in Bacelona, Spain), Hall 5, Booth B201.