Kana Matsunami x Véronique Moriez – A Lingerie collaboration with an essence of French and Tokyo culture

When the chic minimalism of Japan meets the expertise of French corsetry, we realize a refined and artistic Lingerie collaboration with delicate materials full of character.

The meeting of Kana Matsunami, Japanese designer of ready-to-wear fashion and jewelry, and Véronique Moriez, Parisian Lingerie designer and colourist, in 2016 led to the conception of expanding Kana’s ready-to-wear collection with some forms of Lingerie influenced by Véronique’s savior-faire.

Brallette and panties of “JARDIN DES DÉLICES” – Print by Rocle by Isabella and Lace by Sophie Hallette

In light of their individual success and shared taste for refinement and delicacy, Kana and Véronique have decided to give birth to a new Lingerie collaboration: “KANA MATSUNAMI X VÉRONIQUE MORIEZ” to be presented for the first time at “Exposed” at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris from January 19-21, 2019.

 Robe / Cardigan: Seersucker

The Lingerie collaboration is comprised of four lines, four odes to nature and light: “JARDIN DES DÉLICES” (Garden of Delights), “MILLE FEUILLES” (Thousand Leaf), “AURORE” (Dawn), “CLAIR DE LUNE” (Translucent Moon).

The lines are airy, yet subtly structured on the basis of triangles in front with structured backs in bralettes and bodies with soft sensuality. A few pieces of chic nightwear are accompanied by fine, gold sheens. An ivory satin label captures the names of the collaboration’s creators in gold lettering.

A concentrated affection has gone into the choice of French materials that exude delicacy and innovation, freshness and poetry, luxury and contemporary modernity: the chic excellence of lace from Sophie Hallette, the exquisite refinement of the pointillist mesh print from Rocle by Isabella, the subtle fantasy and technical point from MG Création, and the transparent, iridescent tulle from Komon Kobo. The colours are refined and subtle: For the daytime, first a harmony encompassing pale pink “amaranth” and pale violet points followed second by ivory trim and a false white and gold mélange with iridescent threads. For the evening, a blue night glow “aconite” and depth of black accentuated by a bias of metallic gold reflection. The must have: Amaranth is on the rise!

Introduction – Kana Matsunami

 Body of “JARDIN DES DÉLICES” – Print by Rocle by Isabella, Lace by Sophie Hallette, and Tulle by Komon Kobo

The story begins in 2015 when Kana Matsunami, creative designer, launched her brand of ready-to-wear fashion and jewelry in Tokyo after returning from her fashion studies in Paris. More than just a collection, Kana Matsunami strives to create an open, sensual, and contemporary universe reflecting upon the spirit of “effortless chic” for young women. Her forms are simple and pure with the pronounced essence and meticulous attention to detail characteristic of Japan but with a delicate and daring edge intended to expand the boundaries of that influence. Teasing with transparency and subtle finishing touches, Kana Matsunami playfully creates a new fantasy with Japanese materials.


Introduction – Véronique Moriez

Parisian stylist, colorist, and designer trained at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Véronique Moriez has worked in luxury fashion for Dior, Chloé, and Paco Rabanne as well as licensing for Japanese lingerie where she encountered Japan and developed a passion for the country and culture. As a colourist at heart, Véronique expresses herself through shades, tones, half-tones, and subtle, unexpected harmonies, just like so many colour experiences. As such, she has consulted and advised in colour consultations for many other fashion brands and organisations. As a Lingerie specialist, she has collaborated for more than ten years with       Chantelle.