Crealet portable Warp Tension Measuring Head TMT

The warp tension measuring head enables the easy measurement of warp tension. In addition, the portable digital display TD-01 allows the visualization of the input signal either numerically or graphically.

The warp tension measuring head TMT is a useful tool for measuring the warp tension in the warp. Due to its simple structure the measuring head can be integrated directly into the warp. Additional mounting options on the measuring head allow easy attachment to the machine frame.


  • Measuring range 2’000 grams
  • Yarn groups up to 20mm

Portable Digital Display

The portable digital display TD-01 has an LCD screen for visualization of the warp tension.

The operating time is approx. 24 hours. Long-term measurements can be realised with a USB power supply.

The visualisation of the warp tension enables:

  • Machine analyses
  • Warp tension adjustment on several machines
  • Measurement over a longer time