Continental to Build the Sion’s Motor

The preparations for series production are continuing. Continental, the world’s second largest automotive supplier, is partnering with Sono Motors to build the Sion’s motor.

In addition to the motor, the Sion’s drive unit consists of the power electronics and the transmission. Their integration into a single system unit reduces the size and weight of the drive system, thereby boosting the vehicle’s performance. The Sion’s range of 250 kilometers (255 kilometers under the WLTP standard) has also been confirmed in simulations.

Members of the development team of Sono Motors and Continental standing besides of the Sion car, the first ever electro car with solar integration on the site of the division Powertrain of Continental in Nuremberg, Germany

What makes the exterior of the car truly exceptional are the solar cells located on both sides, the roof, the rear, and the hood. The Sion’s standout efficiency and long life are guaranteed through the use of lightweight components. The exterior, for example, consists primarily of highly durable polycarbonate.

All photos courtesy of Sono Motors


Simply put, the Sion’s interior has been designed to be as clear and straightforward as possible. The cabin features our natural air-filter system, breSono, alongside the vehicle’s infotainment system that comes with a 10-inch display.


The dashboard’s cleanly structured and subtle design makes it easy for you to check up on all important information at once. There’s the speed and current charge level, and you also see a continuous display of how many extra kilometres your viSono system is generating, before they’re included in the total range display after 24 hours.


The Sion is the answer to all that is required of an electric car that needs to stand the test of everyday use: a range of 250 kilometres (255 kilometres under the WLTP standard), fast charging, a carefully designed interior, and an optional tow bar. The large trunk offers enough space to easily hold all your shopping. Over the following pages, we will show you what makes the Sion genuinely unique.