Swiss Bossard takes a stake in 3d-prototyp GmbH

The Bossard Group strengthens its competency in additive manufacturing by acquiring a 49 percent stake in the company 3d-prototyp GmbH in Stans. It is intended to increase this share to 100 % within the next three years. The acquisition is part of a long-term strategy under which Bossard intends to establish itself in the future market of 3D printing. As part of this strategic orientation, Bossard was already able to announce partnerships with three manufactures of 3D printers in spring 2018; the Bossard Group took over the representation and distributorship of these companies for the Swiss market.

Swsiss 3d-prototyp GmbH in Stans has made a name for itself in the additive manufacturing of complex plastic parts and models. The company has competency across the entire design process; from the draft, via 3D visualization up to the completed 3D plastic model. 3d-prototyp GmbH also has extensive experience in the 3D scanning of free-form surfaces and complex geometries.

With its acquisition in 3d-prototyp GmbH, Bossard gains additional practical knowhow in the additive manufacturing of plastic applications as a development partner and contract manufacturer. Bossard, as a competence centre, wants to support customers from the de- sign phase all the way to the production of parts and to advise them on the selection of equipment and associated manufacturing technologies. Over the next few years, it is in- tended to make further targeted investments in the expansion of design and engineering.

Bossard believes that 3D printing has a future in various areas of manufacturing, including the manufacture of prototypes, components with complex geometries, multi-part assemblies and also parts where weight reduction plays a significant role, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries. Last, but not least, new materials are increasingly being used with 3D printing, and the associated challenges are of interest to Bossard as a global supplier of fastening solutions.

The Bossard Group is a leading international supplier of product solutions and services in industrial fastener and assembly technology. With its comprehensive product range of over 1000000 items, combined with its proven expertise in technical consulting (engineering) and inventory management (logistics), Bossard is one of the established companies in the industry, both as an end-to-end supplier and a partner. In addition, Bossard is a pioneer in developing intelligent production facilities in line with Industry 4.0.

The Group’s customers include local and international industrial companies who use Bossard solutions to improve their productivity. With 2300 employees in 80 locations throughout the world, the Group generated CHF 786.2 million in sales in 2017. Bossard is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.