Textiles Partnership and Fair Wear Foundation

Together for better working conditions in the garment industry Fair Wear Foundation and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles announce strategic cooperation

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The cooperation partners want to work together to promote fair working conditions and wages in the production countries of the garment industry.

The cooperation focuses on promoting the payment of living wages and access to remedy and grievance mechanisms.

Dr. Jürgen Janssen, Head of the Textiles Partnership Secretariat, emphasises the relevance of the cooperation: “The payment of living wages and the access to effective grievance mechanisms are among the greatest challenges in the textile and garment industry. The Textiles Partnership has prioritised both topics. Our cooperation with Fair Wear Foundation will provide us with much greater leverage to take specific actions by using the experience of both initiatives.”

To promote the payment of living wages, workshops on purchasing practices will be offered for Partnership members. Moreover, joint trainings for suppliers will be conducted in several production countries in order to improve production processes and pricing.  These are important elements to ensure that higher wages can be paid. The measures shall be included in the Partnership’s inititative concerning living wages.

With regard to grievance mechanisms, the cooperation partners are currently investigating how synergies can be leveraged in the most effective way and where improvements are to me made.  In addition, members of both initiatives shall benefit from mutual exchange of knowledge and coordination of supporting activities.

“Transforming working conditions for people in the garment industry is an ambitious goal, and we can’t achieve it alone. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and Fair Wear Foundation have the same objectives and by combining our efforts we can push for unified change”, explains Alexander Kohnstamm, CEO of Fair Wear Foundation.