Italian SCARCI expands into Four Seasons Resort Boutiques

Luxury design company SCARCI is spreading their presence, influence and Italian-made clothing across the USA and Abroad, thanks to an exciting partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious holiday resorts

— Holidays are all about immersing oneself in a world of luxury, sophistication and beauty. The Four Seasons resorts and Fairmont hotels are renowned for their excellence, unrivaled attention to detail, and ability to provide the utmost in relaxation… so where better to come across the SCARCI range of stunningly made resort wear?

Made in Italy

Thanks to a collaboration with Maris Collective – the leading name when it comes to luxury shopping at five star holiday resorts – SCARCI is bringing their inimitable and impressive array of menswear and womenswear to some of the most luxurious locations on earth. This coming together of luxury brands is set to enormously increase SCARCI’s global exposure, and bring their stunning designs to boutiques to eager new customers in several unforgettable resorts.

It’s more than a fitting partnership. After all, few other brands have managed to capture the spirit of such resorts in their clothing very effectively as SCARCI, who wear their yachting, travel and high-living inspirations very much on their sleeve. These are clothes designed to be worn while admiring beautiful vistas, or while taking to the deck of a boat on the open sea, before settling down to an evening of fine cuisine at a leading hotel restaurant.

Elegant yet practical, classic yet contemporary, and with no stone unturned in regards to quality, it isn’t difficult to see the synergy between this design house, Four Seasons, and Fairmont. Indeed, all three of these brands go far above and beyond their customers’ expectations: these resorts and hotels deal in wish fulfilment as much as they do hospitality, and SCARCI offers more than just beautifully made shirts, shorts and scarves… they offer a distinctly luxurious, unmistakably Italian approach to resort living.


Excellence in detailing sits at the very heart of this fashion label’s ethos. Made in Italy by master craftspeople, SCARCI’s resort wear is the epitome of Mediterranean style and quality, made with the contemporary Wanderlust in mind. With the kind of high standards that will surely resonate with world leading hotels, SCARCI is the product of artisanal skill, the finest Italian fabrics and classic Italian tailoring, and aimed at the modern gentleman or lady in search of this world’s finer things. No wonder their motto and philosophy is La Buona Vita – ‘the good life’. Founded in 2016, and quickly lauded for a winning set of timeless designs and impeccably high standards, SCARCI clothing has a justifiable buzz about it, and is available for purchase at select resort and boutique locations as well as at