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Iran Machine Made Carpet Report

Iran is one of the world’s largest producers of machine-made carpet, with the world-famous city of Kashan, located in Isfahan Province, home to 75 % of production facilities.

The country is ranked as the fifth biggest exporter of machine-made carpets after China, Turkey, India, and Belgium, according to Golnar Nasrollahi, director general of the Textile, Apparel, and Leather Industry Organization affiliated to the Ministry of Industries, Mining, and Trade. About 55500 tons of machine-made carpets worth USD 306.5 million were exported from Iran in 2017 – 2018, registering a 4.3 % rise in weight and 8.9 % decrease in value year-on-year.

Iran Machine Made Carpet Report :

Table of Content :

– Introduction

– Iran – An Emerging Power In Textile And Carpet Industry

– Iran – Volume of foreign investment in the industry Sector

– Iran – Textile Exports Figures and Statistics

– Iran – Textile Imports Figures and Statistics

– History of First Iranian Carpet Weaving Factory Establishment

– Statistical results of Iranian carpet weaving factories establishment process in the past four decades

– Statistical Analysis the Results of Iranian Carpet Weaving Factories Establishment Process in Past Four Decades

– Carpet Design in Iran

– The Role of Political Factors in Iranian Machine-Made Carpet Export

– Iran’s Machine-Made Carpet Industry Flourishing Renovation of Iran`s Machine-Made Carpet Industry

– Machine-Made Carpet industry of Iran in 2018

– Statistical analysis of capacity and distribution of active units and ongoing projects of Machine-Made Carpets in the country in 2018

– Jute Yarn; production and consumption

– Driving Forces in Iran’s Machine-Made Carpet Industry

– Technology and Carpet Weaving Machines Import Value

– Production and employment in the Machine-Made Carpet industry

– Energy consumption in Machine-Made Carpet production

– Machine- made carpet domestic production and consumption

– Imports and exports of the Machine-Made Carpet industry

– Iran Machine-Made Carpet export value

– Iran Machine-Made Carpet import value

– Future scenarios of the Machine-Made Carpet industry of the country

– How to make the trade balance of Iran’s carpet industry positive?

– Requisiteness of releasing the dependency on importing the acrylic fibers and yarns

– Iran Machine-Made Carpet & Flooring Exhibitions

– TOP 100-Machine-Made Carpet manufacturers

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