What Picanol America is offering in spares to customers

Besides producing top of the line weaving machines, the second most important key success factor for Picanol is service. It is absolutely critical for a company like Picanol to support its customers throughout the world. Our strategy has been to establish local service centres in order to successfully serve our customers. Today, Picanol operates 7 such service centres, fully staffed by trained Picanol employees. Our main objectives are to promote the new looms, install them, and offer the after sales services and spare parts.

For the USA, the story started more than 50 years ago when Picanol began to offer new weaving machines. Very rapidly, the need to establish a presence became a reality with Picanol being incorporated in 1967 in the state of North Carolina. 4 years later, in 1971, Picanol of America moved to Greenville, South Carolina, where we are still nowadays.

Greenville has changed a lot over the course of the last 46 years, but the mission for Picanol of America has remained the same: serve the customers so they can produce first quality fabrics.

Thanks to an experienced team of 22 employees, Picanol of America fulfils its mission from a newly acquired building where the team moved in December 2012. Its 1500 m² offer ample space for:

– a lean Sales and Administration team

– a strong technical team with 5 technicians dedicated to customers’ needs

– a modern electronic workshop with 5 technicians

– a training room equipped with 3 airjet machines and 1 rapier machine where customers can have refresher courses or have their staff trained on the latest technology

The spare parts distribution was modernized in 2011 in order to fit the needs of the customers. Thanks to a massive inventory of parts at our main plant in Ieper, Belgium, all spare parts orders are processed in Greenville but delivered straight out of Ieper within 3 days. For example, if an order is placed in Greenville on a Monday by 17h00, the goods will be delivered at the customer’s dock at the latest on Thursday 10h00. With a 96.7 % on time delivery, the service is very successful.

To reach this high service level, we have partnered with FedEx and use their International Priority Delivery (IPD) program.

The experienced and dedicated team of Picanol of America spares no effort to assist its US based customers.