Elleti Group returns to Kingpins Show Amsterdam and presents ReMind to rethink the timeless soul of denim

Elleti Group gives shape to its highly-specialized vision, covering everything from concept development to the delivery of finished products, with ReMind, a special capsule collection produced with the creative collaboration of three former students from the Jean School – House of Denim of Amsterdam. This unique collection will be unveiled on October 24th and 25th, when the original designs inspired by the past will be showcased at Transformatorhuis – Booth T4.

James Bear Mottram’s vision

A unique combination of traditional Italian mastery and a ceaseless development process, involving facilities as well as machinery and technology, is at the very heart of Elleti Group’s approach, returning this Fall to the Kingpins Amsterdam Show. This is the ideal stage to present ReMind, a special capsule collection aimed at taking the past as a spark to ignite and inspire the future while promoting a more sustainable approach to the denim production process. It’s far more than just returning to the origin: it is a new way to conceive denim being conscious about what already was in order to define what it is going to be.

Muhammad Umar Manzoor pants

The ReMind project

Designed by three former students from the Jean School – House of Denim of Amsterdam, the capsule collection has its creative roots in their personal interpretation of the “vintage” concept, to be rethought and reshaped with a future-oriented approach and a mindful vision of the whole process, from fabric sourcing to treatments.

James Bear Mottram’s vision

James Bear Mottram’s vision looks at the spirit of old seamen and sailors to recreate their classic worker style pants. He designed tapered cropped jeans featuring embroideries and patches.

Inspired by the Beatles, Maxime Linn created high-waisted pants with double belt loops and a layer with undone edges, plus a crazy, goofy feminine dress, while Muhammad Umar Manzoor devised wide-leg pants with visible button fly and slanted pockets on the front, as well as asymmetric patch pockets on the back.

Starting from their original concepts, Elleti Group took in hand their development, culminating in the delivery of unique, finished products, realized both according to the most traditional production techniques and utilizing the best eco-solutions available nowadays.

A Maxime Linn creation

These are all tangible proof of Elleti Group’s high-quality offer, made of craftsmanship, innovation, research and a forward-looking sensibility to understand upcoming trends, while tuning them into customers’ needs and demands. This is also an important expression of a strongly rooted company belief: that great results can be achieved without causing any harm to the environment or the workers, throughout every single step.

Consciousness, tradition and forefront innovation

The commitment to creating a better and greener production chain is a long-standing one, which finds its natural expression in the Earthkeepers. These Elleti Group laundry treatments are renowned to guarantee extremely high-quality results with state-of-the-art solutions and are specifically designed to increasingly reduce knock-on effects. Shared throughout all its excellence centers, they are part of a one-of-a-kind service that turns flexibility into its strength. Due to a fully integrated structure, Elleti Group can switch from vertical management in one single country to individual allocation with a cross-country strategy, granting a great variety of options to meet industry and customers needs by customizing its offer of services and products.

With its core expertise, Elleti Group confirms itself as the ideal partner of choice when it comes to denim services, one of today’s strongest and most consolidated realities in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. The passionate and cutting-edge vision of its founder, Luigi Lovato, has led the Group to grow stronger and bigger on the international scene, counting eight facilities in three different countries, all highly specialized in laundry and garment-making services.

Come to Booth T4 – Transformatorhuis to see ReMind and discover what the future of denim is going to bring. Elleti Group is ready. Are you?

Leading manufacturer in Europe and in the Mediterranean area, Elleti Group offers a complete range of services to cover the whole garment production system. Research, innovation and incomparable quality define a one-of-a-kind approach with a strong focus on sustainability that is shared all along its fully integrated structure to provide a great variety of customizable options. The Group has eight facilities located in Italy, Tunisia and Romania.