Exodus of top members of the Board at clothier C&A

By Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura

According to an article of Handelszeitung, Zurich, Switzerland, C&A Chief Alain Caparros is saying good bye to four of seven members of the board. Ex boss of former Vögele Group Frank Beeck experiences such an exit a second time.

Alain Caparros has to float the big tanker C&A with over 2000 sales points in 23 countries on course. In summer 2017 he became the first non-family member of Breenninkmejer to lead C&A. Now he reaches through with the exodus of four of seven members of the board, reports Textilwirtschaft.

The European Managementteam will in the future comprise of three top shots. Besides Caparros remaining Martijin van der Zee, Tierd van der Zee. Dismissed are Bart Brenninkmeijer, Frank Beeck, Andreas Seitz and Manfred Mandel, all except Brenninkmeijer leave the group.

Caparros claims: ” A company has to decide quicker, act more efficient and agile, thus needs a lean management with distinct responsibilities and flat hierarchies”.

Joint past at the former Swiss clothier Charles Vögele

Frank Beeck joined the C&A board at the end of 2017. As COO he was among other duties responsible for the Swiss market. Now, he is ousted the second time by Caparros. Both were dealing with each other at Charles Vögele. Gasparros was Chairman of the Board and Frank Beeck took over in 2011.

Beeck sollte damals die Strategie von Vögele um 180 Grad zurückdrehen, nachdem der Versuch scheiterte, den angestaubten Kleiderhändler mittels Promi-Models radikal zu verjüngen. Nach nicht einmal drei Jahren wurde Beeck von Caparros freigestellt. Alain Caparros  has been also a board member at Swiss Bon Appetit Group.

The official comment at C&A states that Beeck “has been quitting on his own wish.”

Branded jeans and toys

With the decimation of the management Casparros wishes to increase the speed to upgrade customer frequency and to bring more pleasure to experiments into the company. Rumours state that the chain is planning an attack against textile discounters with broad lines in the bottom price segment. At the same time C&A wants to offer more brands, such as the lately communicated jeans label Mustang. Also alternative other products besides textiles will be offered, such as toys.

“The separations from the management have nothing to do with actual proceeds”, states a speaker of the company, and adds “we are happy with the actual business and delighted on the increasing frequency of customers in our sales points”. Last year the company reported a slight upwards trend, turnover in Europe was up 4 %. But, this is not sufficient for a free avenue to the future. In Germany, the most important market proceeds in the last few years sank by several hundreds Euros, and in Switzerland turnover sank since 2010 from CHF 605 million to CHF 427 last year.