Simple customising method for Multi-standard RFID Readers

The Elatec multi-standard RFID reader in the TWN4 range offers maximum flexibility in identification technology. The RFID specialists now offer manufacturers and users more freedom when activating RFID technologies. Users activate HID Prox and iCLASS with the TWN4 Upgrade Card only when needed so they buy just the licenses they actually need.

Elatec RFID readers, such as TWN4 MultiTech 3 BLE, support all common technologies (LF, HF, NFC, BLE). Configuration can be carried out easily and in a contactless manner with the TWN4 CONFIG Programmer and TWN4 Configuration Cards. Elatec is now using the same principle to offer its customers even more flexibility and cost control in preparation and customizing. System manufacturers and system integrators can use the TWN4 Upgrade Card at any time to equip their stock of TWN4 readers with further technologies, if customers so desire. Elatec readers can even be upgraded with the TWN4 Upgrade Card retroactively, for example, to equip systems that are already installed in the field. Three different activation options are available for the TWN4 Upgrade Card: Option P for HID Prox, option I for HID iCLASS, and option PI supporting both technologies. Upgrade Cards are available up to 100 licenses.

With the TWN4 Upgrade Card, users only pay for licenses when needed

Elatec is a vendor that specializes in identification technology products. The company is the international leader in the field of multi-frequency/multi-standard readers. Integrators benefit from reader/writer modules that combine contact (Smartcard) and contactless (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth) technologies. Over 60 RFID technologies commonly used internationally in the high-frequency (13.56 MHz) and low-frequency range (125/134.2 kHz) are supported by a single device. Elatec is the industry-leading partner for companies that want to grow their products’ potential through innovative close-up identification solutions. The company was founded in 1988 and currently has around 90 employees at 14 locations worldwide. Its headquarters are in Munich, Germany.