Virginia’s Reflections

During the time TextileFuture’s website was not active to present you the delightful new webpage to be operational, I could watch the flow of news with a bit more distance than usual.

What did I witness? There was a constant and contradictorily flow on politics, but also there was no true conclusion to be drawn, particularly on automation, wearables, technologies, and if the brick and mortar retail would survive.

We all are flooded with information and it is difficult to make a selection between fake news and true facts. At TextileFuture we try to select news items that are reliable and checked. That is also why you trust the TextileFuture editors. We don’t rely – as US President Donald Trump does – on Twitter, nor on Facebook, but we verify our information with companies, institutions, etc.,and we are applying our common sense and experience to weigh that the features we present are true with fact and figures we can research and double check.

When we edit, we always have you as a reader in our heads in order to present to you whatever your interest along the textile value chain might be. However, from time to time we wish to present to you also some features that allow you an insight into other areas, as well items that might make you smile and these are entertaining at the same time, but also these have to be real and researched.

When thinking what is of most interest to you, we think it is digitalization, automation, 3D printing, innovations, new technologies and applications coming to face, job security, assessment of important companies and economic data and other areas that will change the future. We are aware that there is a dramatic development on way that will change the existence of all of us, but we do not want to get into panic, but we give examples on how you should prepare yourself for the future, and we give you clear hints on what you should not believe.

TextileFuture is dedicated to let you have a look into the crystal ball of the future, nevertheless not omitting the presence and the steps to secure your and our future developments. We have done so successfully in past six years, and we try to cope with the future offering you the newest technology in publishing.

The first step into a new sphere is done with this new and functional website. We hope you enjoy our efforts and you do support our best of intents. We would love to have a feedback on how you do receive the new TextileFuture website and we hope that you make also use of the different offered Memberships to allow you even more in-depth information.

Be assured that the quality of information will be steadily enhanced for your benefit.

Many publisher nowadays consider their business as trying to sell their readers soap, we stick to facts and do our best to serve you, esteemed reader, because it is you, who decides also on our future!

Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura