AATCC announces 2019 Concept 2 Consumer® Student Merchandising Competition

Students are invited to showcase their merchandising and marketing talents to win cash and recognition by participating in the 2019 Concept 2 Consumer® Student Merchandising Competition.


Students will showcase their skills in business, marketing, and merchandising by conducting a business model, determine a marketing strategy, and create merchandising tools and products for an integrated new apparel line that is both fashionable and functional for use in the rain, focused and inspired by a specific outdoor activity.

1st place earns USD1000 from AATCC, and USD500 and a jacket from W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc

2nd place earns USD750 from AATCC, and USD350 from W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc

3rd place earns USD250 from AATCC, and USD150 from W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc

Entries are due April 24, 2019. Competition guidelines are available on the AATCC website.

Winners will be announced by May 31, 2019.

W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc. is the sponsor for the 2019 Concept 2 Consumer® Student Merchandising Competition.

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