Turkey exports 9 % of world’s denim fabrics

One of the world’s major denim fabric production hubs, Turkey’s exports of denim fabrics makes up 9 per cent from the country’s exports of textile products. Its share among the world exports of denim fabrics is, however, around 9 % reveals Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) figures. Turkey exported around USD 378.3 million worth of denim in 2015 and in 2016 it exported USD 393.6 million worth of denims. In 2017, this number decreased by 6.4 % and amounted to USD 368.5 million.

Turkey exports denim fabrics mainly to North Africa, Europe and the Far East. Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Morocco and Bangladesh are the five major markets. In 2017, Turkey exported USD 52 million worth of denim fabrics to Tunisia. The same year, exports to Egypt were USD 47.4 million. Exports to the third biggest market – Italy – was USD 40 million. These three countries share around 38 % in Turkey’s exports of denim fabrics.

TextileFutures short comment: Since the Turkish Lira is losing tremendous in its outside value terms, the Turkish manufacture of textiles in general and denim particularly could become an even more important market for sourcing, thus also continues to be important to textile machinery manufacturers.