Webinar on Responsible recruitment – tackling the issue at the root (August 16, 2018)

The webinar, organised by the British Innovation-Forum will take place on Thursday, August 16 at 15.00-16.00 BST (including a Question and Answer live session). If you cannot make that time, register anyway and you will receive the recording via email.

You can register here

Recruitment is often the stage at which workers in supply chains can be most vulnerable to falling into modern slavery and bonded labour. They are forced to pay large fees to recruitment agents and middle-men. In response, a number of brands are taking action. The Coca-Cola Company and Walmart are just two of the brands committed to the Employer Pays Principle – a commitment to ensure that no worker should pay for a job.

This webinar will highlight the Employer Pays Principle and assess the latest company commitments towards responsible recruitment. We’ll also look in-depth at the challenges faced in implementing these commitments in practice, and the best ways to overcome the common pitfalls.

Our panel will discuss:

  • As an employer, how do you ensure that recruitment within your supply chain is responsible?
  • What is the cost to business of the transition to ‘employer pays’?
  • The tools available to ensure responsible recruitment is taking place
  • Is the pace of change quick enough? What more is needed to drive scale from company and industry commitments?
  • How to engage, train and educate suppliers in responsible recruitment practices

Speakers include

Brent Wilton, director of global workplace rights, The Coca-Cola Company

Doug Nystrom, director of human rights – supply chain, Walmart

Cindy Berman, head of modern slavery strategy, The Ethical Trading Initiative


Moderated by: Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum