A sustainable approach all around with NO Impact by Metalbottoni

MetalbottoniI at Milano Unica launches its latest NO IMPACT innovations, with a restyled approach, exemplified by the new pay-off for the corporate sustainability protocol: “Committed Accessories”.

From July 10 – 12, 2018 at the Milan exhibition, the Group presents its continuously expanding range, more and more a branding solutions provider with a truly sustainable vision.

A mosaic with new pieces which is rapidly taking shape: this is the pathway chosen by METALBOTTONI in view of the exhibition at Milano Unica, the point of reference as regards top-of-the-range fabrics and accessories for men and women, where it has chosen to return after the 2017 edition, confirming its presence also in 2018. A truly responsible journey, which covers all of the company’s projects, from product innovation to implementing a green manufacturing protocol, including the launch  of actions with a significant environmental and social value.

NO IMPACT becomes an all-round commitment to restyle the world of accessories          

The NO IMPACT corporate sustainability protocol, seen as a true driver focused on the development of technologies, processes, innovation and sustainable research takes a new leap forward and sets the commitment standard on the part of METALBOTTONI even higher. The logo restyling and the new pay-off “Committed Accessories” are part of the repositioning project which the company is pushing forward, aimed at increasing its commitment on an environmental, social and ethical level. The NO IMPACT protocol thus becomes a symbol of its commitment to a production, which should be increasingly sustainable in all respects. A significant step forward, striving to bring also the world of accessories into step with new requirements on the part of brands and consumers, increasingly discerning with regard to details and finishing in garments. The NO IMPACT protocol thus includes all eco-compatible products in the company’s range, processes and technologies, as well as the confirmed METALBOTTONI commitment.

The new logo

The green concept extension- From leather upcycling to new finishing processes without chemical

Being a true branding solutions provider, able to rely on an increasingly large range, also from a green perspective. This is the direction confirmed by METALBOTTONI at the Milan exhibition by showcasing its new collection in the line called LEATHER ACCESSORIES (which premiered at Kingpins in April), totally restyled and enhanced with a sustainable outlook. Labels and rear waistbands made of leather, eco-leather and GUMMIX®, the exclusive corporate patent for a highly innovative product where silicone merges with other materials, are part of an extended range, which includes the new labels made of recycled leather from processing chippings, a true example of a virtuous circle set in motion by circular economy processes.

The range of NO IMPACT finishing applied to metal items is being extended. The new METALBOTTONI range, apart from vintage finishing, among the most appreciated in the denim world, now include polished, extra-polished and satin effects, thus becoming a truly cutting-age proposal for the world of ready-to-wear and luxury.

The new NO IMPACT finishing include 100% mechanical processing without any chemical agents. Also galvanic treatments are banned, which means that water consumption is reduced nearly to zero, thanks to new machinery, which substantially reduce energy use and processing times. This eco-sustainable range enhances the new LABORA fall-winter 2019/2020 collection, with valuable NO IMPACT finishing.

The Metalbottoni dedicated ready to wear line will be continued for the next season, with items inspired by sport, technical and stylish at the same time, within a range where basic aesthetic concepts are expressed in geometrical forms, combined with interplays between polished and matt surfaces. Technical innovation additionally expressed in nylon grips, with 3D processing techniques, and by the creative merging between tartan fabrics and silicone.

Social accountability

The renewed NO IMPACT protocol is the foundation for Metalbottoni’s commitment to the new corporate social accountability, often neglected on the market today.

Moreover, this commitment is demonstrated by the important target achieved by the company, 90 % of whose salesforce today consists of women. Such a significant presence is confirmed by the number of women in executive positions in all departments at Metalbottoni.

“Supporting sustainable innovation and a responsible approach is, at the same time, a source of pride and awareness for us– says Maria Teresa Ricciardo, Creative Director at Metalbottoni – synonymous with a company which is sensitive to market trends as well as future-oriented”.