Aurora kicks off programme celebrating the benefits of American Manufacturing with picnic

Employees, local officials attended celebration at company’s Yorkville, Illinois, manufacturing operation to launch ‘Investing in American Manufacturing’ initiative

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At Aurora, we are Investing in American Manufacturing and celebrating that investment with an old-fashioned lawn picnic at our Yorkville, Illinois, manufacturing plant on July 9, complete with hot dogs, bratwurst, apple pie and a raffle for baseball tickets. Employees, customers, friends and local officials have been invited.

Three years ago, Aurora made the decision to expand US operations by investing in a new plant at home with state-of-the-art, world-class technology to help our customers keep pace with the dynamic, quickly-evolving markets we saw opening in the US and abroad.

Aurora has been successful and the picnic kicks-off a six-month program focused on the lessons learned and the multiple benefits to our customers here and abroad, of our investment. Today also celebrates the value this has brought to the local communities, regional economies, US supply chains and global industry sectors we serve.

Aurora picnic-July-9-Company President-Da LaTurno to-far-right-with-employees

“Overall, we’ve learned that investing in manufacturing operations at home is both great for local and regional economies and smart business,” said Dan LaTurno, president of Aurora. “In the next weeks, we’ll look at the specific values this brings to our customers here and abroad and discuss the benefits of working with a US-based manufacturer that operates with the highest standards of manufacturing and sustainability.”

Supporting American Manufacturing has always been part of Aurora’s mission as a subsidiary of Meridian Industries, Inc., LaTurno added.

“Today as we celebrate the birth of our nation and the strength and vitality of American Manufacturing, it’s important to add that Meridian’s owner, Bruce Pindyck, has a long history of being an advocate and voice for American Manufacturing and manufacturing jobs for American workers. He believes the United States needs a strong American manufacturing infrastructure to support our military to protect our interests abroad and domestically. Aurora and our associates have been and continue to be a critical part of that infrastructure.”

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. is a global leader in coating, dyeing and finishing of both woven and non-woven fabrics. Based in Yorkville, Illinois, U.S.A., the company has a 135-year tradition of innovation and in 2015 invested in a new state-of-the-art, wide width coating and finishing line, and a new facility, that dramatically expand their ability to serve customers. Products include digitally printable textiles through Aurora’s Northern Lights Printable Textiles line, specialty home products, industrial products and tape products for a wide variety of industries. Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc., is a Meridian Industries, Inc. company and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.