Roger Federer, the Swiss Tennis Champion earns critique because of his new textile sponsor

Roger Federer in Wimbledon

A comment by Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura

Roger Federer is a widely admired Tennis Champion, because of his talents and his personality. Besides the enormous success he remained a modest person. He is straight forward in his statements and appreciated for his excellent spirit. He his admired by young and old.

Now, for the first time ever, Roger Feder is offered critique, because after 20 years, he terminated the sponsorship with Nike – the contract would have expired soon – and appeared in the tennis court in Wimbledon with signs of his new sponsor Uniqlo (Fast Retailing Group).

A Swiss NGO is making the claim that Uniqlo is a clothier who has many subcontractors in countries with low wages and standards, thus a misfit for Roger Federer.

Research showed that it was not Roger Federer himself who has chosen the new sponsor. There is an entire sponsoring team who evaluates such an important step and recommended for commercial reasons this sponsorship. The evaluation is entailing many aspects, but of course, such an organisation cannot check any detail of the sponsor. At the end of the day, the contracted sum is decisive, rumours are stating CHF 200 million is the contracted sum for Roger Federer, whereas Nike’s sum was much, much lower. Since Uniqlo does not provide shoes, Nike will still deliver these for a certain time to Roger Federer, but the rest of the outfits stem from Uniqlo.

The Swiss NGO pretends that Uniqlo just uses Roger Federer to polish the company’s image.

In Switzerland spreads the word, that the NGO, with the sad story of unpaid women of a subcontractor of Uniqlo, who went bankrupt and left the workers (80 % females) unpaid, would make Roger Federer cry, would he be aware, will not work, simply because the freedom of contract exists, a highly respected value in Switzerland. But, one can always find a hair in the soup!