EU Agriculture output: 19 % value rise fuelled by price surge

November 16, 2023


In 2022, agricultural output in the EU was valued at EUR 37.5 billion (bn) in basic prices, equivalent to an increase of 19 % compared with 2021. This represented a new peak and continued the upward trend that started in 2010.

The change in nominal value largely reflected the sharp rise in the nominal price for agricultural goods and services as a whole (an estimated +22.8 %), with the volume of the output declining moderately from the 2021 level (an estimated 3.1 % lower).

This information comes from the economic accounts for agriculture (EAA) for 2022 published by Eurostat today. This news item presents a handful of findings from the more detailed Statistics Explained article.

Three quarters of the value of the EU’s agricultural output in 2022 came from seven EU countries: France (EUR 97.1 bn, equivalent to 18 % of the EU total), Germany (EUR 76.2 bn, 14 %), Italy (EUR 71.5 bn, 13 %), Spain (EUR 63.0 bn, 12 %), Poland (EUR 39.5 bn, 7 %), the Netherlands (EUR 36.1 bn, 7 %), and Romania (EUR 22.2 bn, 4 %).

All EU countries registered a rise in the value of agricultural output in 2022 compared with 2021. The sharpest rates of increase were recorded in Estonia (+44 %), Poland (+43 %) and Lithuania (+42 %), underpinned by sharp price rises.


Among other key producers, the value of agricultural output increased by 30% in Germany, 18 % in the Netherlands, 16 % in France and Italy, 10 % in Spain, and 5 % in Romania.

A little more than half (54 %) of the value of the EU’s agricultural output in 2022 came from crops (EUR 287.9 bn, +15 % compared with 2021). Two-fifths (38 %) came from animals and animal products (EUR 206.0 bn, +26 % compared with 2021). The remaining share came from agricultural services and secondary activities.

EU agricultural input costs not related to investment (intermediate consumption) were 22 % higher in 2022 than in 2021.

The changes in the value of agricultural output and intermediate consumption in 2022 resulted in a 15 % rise in the gross value added generated by agriculture.

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Methodological notes:

  • The value of agricultural output comprises the values of crop production, animal production, and “other items” i.e. agricultural services (for example, the processing of agricultural products, or agricultural contract work) and it is inseparable non-agricultural secondary activities (for example, certain agritourism activities).
  • Values at basic prices are values at producer prices from which taxes on products have been subtracted and subsidies on products have been added. Unless otherwise stated, all values are calculated using current prices and exchange rates.
  • The nominal rate of change among MSs reflect the value change in % in national currencies, whilst for EU the nominal change is calculated based on EUR currency conversions. /