Eurostat: Trade of electric & hybrid cars continues to rise in 2022

November 6, 2023

Between 2017 and 2022, the trade of electric and hybrid cars in the EU registered a staggering increase. In 2022, 42% of the total number of cars imported were electric or hybrid, indicating an increase of 35 percentage points (pp) compared with 2017. The change in exports was also clear with a 24 pp increase in 2022 (26% of the total number of cars exported) from 2017 (2% of the total).

Non-plug-in hybrid cars went from 6% of total car imports and 0.4% of car exports in 2017 to 21% and 13%, respectively, in 2022. Full electric cars represented 15% (+14 pp compared with 2017) of car imports and 9% of exports (+8 pp) in 2022, plug-in hybrid cars represented 7% (+6 pp) of car imports and 4% of exports (+3 pp).

In terms of value, in 2022, the EU spent a total of EUR 37.0 billion on imports from extra-EU countries on hybrid and electric cars, an increase of 27%, compared with 2021 (EUR 29.1 billion). Imports of non-plug-in hybrid cars were worth EUR 16.0 billion, followed by full electric cars (12.6 billion) and plug-in hybrid cars (EUR 8.4 billion).

Exports of the same products to extra-EU countries amounted to EUR 59.1 billion in total value, +41 % compared with 2021 (EUR 42.0 billion). Non-plug-in hybrid cars exports totalled EUR 28.5 billion, while exports of full electric cars reached EUR 22.4 billion and plug-in hybrid cars EUR 8.1 billion.















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