The creative way FIFA is offsetting the World Cup’s Carbon Footprint

Soccer fans all around the world have been waiting for the last four years to see their favorite players compete in the World Cup. The month long event that kicked off on June 14th and come to a close on July. As the largest single sport competition in the world, millions of spectators will be travelling from around the globe to this year’s host country, Russia.

While the games are known for boosting the host country’s local economy, it often comes at a steep price. The impact these massive games have on the environment can be significant as carbon emissions inevitably spike. FIFA, the international governing body for soccer which runs this event, has linked up with experts to forecast the potential carbon emissions from the games and find a solution to combat the problem.

As a result, the greenhouse gas report found that this upcoming event is estimated to generate over 2.1 million tCO2e. A big chunk of that number is directly tied to fans traveling to Russia and bouncing around host cities to attend games within the country. To reduce this impact and raise awareness of climate change, FIFA unveiled a carbon offset campaign to help fans reduce their carbon emissions when traveling during this time.

The idea behind the campaign is simple. Regardless of wherever they may live, ticket-holding fans just need to sign up online to participate. For every signature, FIFA will offset 2.9 tonnes of carbon emissions, which represents the average amount of travel emissions per international ticket holder. By the end of the games, FIFA plans to offset up to 100000 tonnes of carbon emissions through this programme.