OECD: Joining forces to fight dis-and misinformation

Paris, September 20, 2023


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The ability to access trustworthy information is vital for public trust and healthy democracies.

Today, less than a quarter of citizens say they trust their news media and a majority worry that journalists, governments and political leaders purposely mislead them. In this context, the instantaneous and global spread of information, targeted disinformation campaigns that deceive and confuse the public, and rapidly changing media markets pose a fundamental threat to democracies.

To turn the tide and restore people’s trust in the integrity of the information they consume, a new governance model is needed to establish a whole-of-society approach to fight mis- and disinformation and preserve freedom of speech.

The OECD is identifying new approaches to strengthen the integrity of information

The OECD DIS/MIS Resource Hub is a peer learning platform for sharing knowledge, data, and analysis of government approaches to tackling mis- and disinformation. Informed by the OECD Expert Group on Governance Responses to Mis- and Disinformation, the Resource Hub gives countries the information and tools they need to respond to global information and foreign interference challenges.

OECD work in this space will also provide a platform for co-operation, where decision makers, along with representatives of civil society, academia and the private sector, will meet to discuss challenges, share good practices and find effective solutions.

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